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Launch of Business MMS Advances Collaborative Communications


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“Efficient and flexible communication is key as workforces become more mobile and distributed. Yet legacy-hardware-based business phone systems haven’t kept pace with these needs. A case in point is that these systems cannot let you use your business number for texting. Here at RingCentral, we’re leveraging the cloud to quickly create the high-productivity communication tools that businesses need to be successful.”  –Vlad Shmunis, CEO and Founder of RingCentral

The recent launch of Business MMS and adds the functionality of sending and receiving multimedia messaging services (MMS) in message threads. This includes images, videos, and inline previews of files in message threads.

It’s hard to believe it’s already been more than five years since RingCentral created the industry’s first business text feature—Business SMS. Launched in the fall of 2012, it was an important milestone for business communications. Vast numbers of consumers were already using their smart devices to send personal messages. The power and versatility of messaging led people to use those devices and their personal identities to send messages to their professional contacts. Business communications needed to get with the times and offer a professional solution, so RingCentral rose to the occasion.

Maintain your professional image

RingCentral’s cloud infrastructure and mobile-friendly platform is conducive to many innovations. Being cloud-based affords great agility and makes it possible to create new features and seamlessly roll them out across the network. With the launch of Business SMS and now Business MMS, businesses can send and receive messages using their business number, across not only smart phones, but computers, tablets, and Apple Watches®.*

Communicating with your business number and business identity is the calling card of a professional, modern business. One happy customer who works as an attorney exclaimed, “It is amazing to be able to text clients without revealing my personal cell phone number.”

Being able to connect with customers in ways that are convenient for them is important. In a sales cycle, it’s essential to accommodate prospects or they can simply move on down the list of businesses to contact. Messaging is quick and often preferred over making phone calls. One RingCentral customer shared, “Many new clients use SMS to make first contact with our Agents. We would never have known if RingCentral didn’t offer SMS!”

Share rich content with business contacts

Visual content greatly enriches interactions with customers at all stages of your relationship. It’s a powerful way to showcase products and services and share samples. Rather than waiting for people to check their email or send materials by snail mail, you can unobtrusively offer impactful video and images that speak volumes about your offering.

Whether you’re an agile marketing team or building contractors, sharing via MMS is a highly effective way to help expedite decisions, clarify thoughts, consider opinions, and resolve questions as you review projects. Business MMS works for internal teams as well as for external clients, customers, and consultants using third party apps.

There’s no limit on the number of text and MMS messages that can be sent and received. With a bandwidth of 1.5 MB, you have an open channel to communicate, collaborate, and connect with your network. We invite you to learn more about Business MMS. Try it out: let us know what you think, and share with our community how you use it to work better.

*New message notifications are displayed when a MMS is received; no outbound MMS is available from the Apple Watch.

Originally published Jun 19, 2017, updated May 22, 2024

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