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January 2021 RingCentral open platform roundup: New features for integrations and APIs that enhance productivity

Employee uses RingCentral app, checking its new features for integrations and API


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  • RingCentral for Salesforce: in-app calling (WebRTC) 
  • RingCentral for Google: waiting rooms/security enhancements
  • RingCentral for LTI: connect your LMS to RingCentral Video
  • RingCentral for Microsoft Teams: mobile support
  • High-volume SMS: send targeted or bulk SMS programs
  • Engage Voice for Zendesk (beta): respond to customers at the right moment
  • Engage Voice for SugarCRM (beta): more personalized customer interactions

2021 is in full swing—and the RingCentral open platform team has been busy adding new features to our integrations and APIs in an effort to help your teams work more productively. Built as an open platform from the ground up, RingCentral is designed to easily integrate with the applications and workflows that power up your business.

Here’s what’s new from January:

1. RingCentral for Salesforce: in-app calling (WebRTC)

As a continued promise to make our integrations for customers as seamless as possible, we now leverage WebRTC (Web Real Time Communications) technology to leverage RingCentral calling capabilities like call controls, inbound and outbound calls without ever navigating away from Salesforce.

With in-app calling, sales associates can easily control and manage all customer calls without ever leaving their Salesforce browser. Users can select their preferred caller ID number from the Dialer page, organize multiple calls as separate tabs on the browser, and manage incoming and outgoing calls across devices without having to download any additional software.

RingCentral for Salesforce

RingCentral for Salesforce

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2. RingCentral for Google: introducing waiting rooms and global dial-in numbers

The RingCentral for Google Chrome extension has a few new RingCentral Video feature enhancements. When scheduling a RingCentral Video meeting, choose to enable waiting rooms for your participants in case you’re running late.

Global dial-in numbers are also now available so remote teams around the world can meet off the same Google Calendar invite.

RingCentral Meetings users can now enforce passwords set when joining a meeting and enjoy an updated user interface.

RingCentral for Google

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3. RingCentral for LTI: supports Canvas, Moodle, and Brightspace by D2L

RingCentral for LTI allows customers to connect their preferred learning management system (LMS) to RingCentral Video. Schedule recurring classes and office hours and connect to new learning management systems like Canvas, Moodle (shown), and Brightspace by D2L in our latest update.

RingCentral for LTI abides by the LTI 1.3 standards. This means that while using the integration, teachers and students can feel at ease knowing it follows the latest security practices for authentication (OAuth 2.0) and message exchange between RingCentral Video and your LMS, as recommended by IMS Global Consortium.

RingCentral for LTI

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4. RingCentral for Microsoft Teams: mobile support

The RingCentral for Microsoft Teams integration now supports iOS and Android. Use bot commands to seamlessly start a video meeting or make an outbound call. Hit the + icon to make an outbound call, and schedule or start a meeting.

RingCentral for Microsoft Teams

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Read the release notes

5. High-volume SMS

Our high-volume SMS API integrates business and marketing SMS programs into your current custom applications using your RingCentral business number. Send targeted or bulk SMS programs through our programmatic API with a full communications platform, deep insights, and the ability to ensure regulatory compliance.

Whether you’re sending promos for e-commerce, appointment reminders in healthcare, educational notifications, chatbots in hospitality, or anything in between, customers’ expectations are evolving, and RingCentral is here to enable an elevated end-user experience with up to 98% open rates via SMS.

High-volume SMS

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6. Engage Voice for Zendesk (Beta)

By connecting your phone system to Zendesk, Engage Voice for Zendesk enables you to recognize and respond to your customers at the moment of interaction—with features like unified customer profile, click-to-dial, local presence dialing, and more. Enhance your contact center experience by increasing productivity with direct connection inside your CRM, providing better, more personalized customer interactions.

Engage Voice for Zendesk (Beta)

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7. Engage Voice for SugarCRM (Beta)

With Engage Voice for SugarCRM, increase productivity and provide better, more personalized customer interactions. The seamless integration enables you to capture call information directly inside Salesforce customer records, have a unified customer profile, click-to-dial, have local presence dialing, and more.

Engage Voice for SugarCRM (Beta)

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More to come in February 2021

As we move through the new year, we’ll continue to create even better ways for your teams to communicate. Keep an eye out for new releases in February, and visit us at to learn more about the app.


Originally published Feb 09, 2021, updated Dec 30, 2022

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