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Introducing New Glip Integration with Salesforce

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Oct 06, 2017

Real-time collaboration and being able to stay on top of customer activity is mission critical for any business. Sharing and receiving instant updates to Salesforce records is necessary for keeping your teams on the same page. It just got a whole lot better in Glip.

The new integration between Salesforce and Glip means highly informative, real-time Salesforce record previews can now be securely seen through instant messaging via Glip. In addition, you can click through to the record, comment on it, and immediately return to the chat without missing a beat.

How it works

Every Salesforce record, whether for an account, a contact, an opportunity, a support ticket, or a custom object, has a unique web address. Now you can copy and paste a link to that record into a Glip conversation, and anyone with the right permissions can follow that link to see the full record.

You will be able to see essential details of an opportunity, a support ticket, or any other Salesforce object, including custom objects, that you have created on the Salesforce platform.

For example, within the Salesforce preview in Glip, team members can see estimated deal size of an opportunity along with the owner. Team members who see a big opportunity pop up in the conversation can then contribute their ideas or suggest contacts to help secure the win.

Glip uses the standard compact record display that Salesforce allows you to set or customize for every record type. Often, it may tell you everything you need to know. If not, you can click through to the full record—and still come back to Glip to continue the conversation.

Make it secure

Before you can see details about a Salesforce record within Glip, you must be logged in to Salesforce and have the proper rights to view that object. The Salesforce record will only appear if a user has permission to view it.

Enabling Salesforce link previews

To get started:

Sign into Glip to try it now. Must be a RingCentral Glip and Salesforce subscriber.

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