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Five Reasons Why Virtual PBX and VoIP Are Here to Stay


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Business telephone systems are evolving alongside all of the other technology in our lives. Gone is the legacy PBX hardware stuffed into closets and copy rooms of businesses of all sizes. Instead of these antiquated phone systems, businesses are moving toward cloud-based virtual PBX systems. RingCentral offers all the great PBX features businesses are used to, without the limitations of older PBX hardware. Here are five reasons why virtual PBX and VoIP are here to stay.

1) Lower costs

Using a virtual PBX reduces your up-front costs and eliminates the long-term, hidden costs of maintaining and expanding PBX hardware. With RingCentral’s VoIP phone system, you don’t have to shoulder the burden of hardware upgrades and upkeep. Your state-of-the-art cloud communications system is continually updated to deliver the latest in communications technologies.

2) Flexibility

A virtual PBX gives your company the ultimate in flexibility. New telephone numbers, extensions, and even entire offices can be added as needed. Your business is prepared for rapid growth, whether it’s a permanent expansion or you’re responding to a seasonal bump in business. Your entire business phone system can be administered from any computer or mobile device, so changes can happen instantly, rather than needing to rely on costly specialized tech support.

3) Support for mobile workers

Today’s workers are more mobile than ever, thanks to smartphones and tablets. Remote workers are also becoming more prevalent in businesses of all sizes. RingCentral mobile and desktop apps turn any mobile device or computer into a full-featured business phone. With RingCentral, your employees have the freedom and flexibility to work more efficiently, no matter where they are. Empowered workers are more productive, and that can have a tremendous effect on your company’s bottom line.

4) Advanced features

Customers today expect instant gratification. RingCentral’s advanced features allow your business to offer the kind of customer experience that will help you exceed those expectations. Call routing is easy to manage and seamlessly transfers calls from your desk phone to a home office to a mobile device, for example. Message alerts ensure that important messages don’t go unnoticed. Using RingCentral apps, you can use Business SMS to send and receive text messages from a computer or mobile device, without having to reveal your personal contact information. Team collaboration with RingCentral Glip empowers your team with a unified platform for scheduling, to-dos, messaging, and file storage. All of these features, and more, add up to a superior experience for your customers as well as a more productive workflow for your employees.

5) Integration with third-party services

Cloud phone service from RingCentral integrates with third-party apps that you already use. Instead of wasting time migrating or duplicating information you already have inside another application, you can seamlessly use your Salesforce, Google Google Workspace, or Dropbox data. Robust cloud APIs and SDKs allow you to create custom solutions for integrating RingCentral into your business workflow.

These are just some of the reasons why cloud-based phone systems are here to stay. No matter what size your business is, RingCentral’s virtual PBX gives you a better, future-proof phone system that your business can rely on.

Originally published Jan 26, 2017, updated Aug 12, 2020

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