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Why should you care about building a customer-centric team? In simple terms, being customer-centric is all about providing an unforgettable customer experience. This means speedy customer service, friendly employees, and regular engagement with your customers. And, since customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than those who aren’t, it’s beneficial for your business and customers.

But where’s the best place to start? It all boils down to creating a more connected experience between employees and customers, and you can do this with (drumroll please)… an integrated unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and contact center as a service (CCaaS) solution.

Customers are no longer content with a single communication channel—they want to interact across different channels. Think about how many channels are available now: Facebook, Twitter, SMS, WhatsApp, live chats, email, phone calls, video meetings, messaging platforms, chatbots, and the list goes on. By bringing UCaaS and CCaaS together, you can deliver the best connected experience to both employees and customers.

In fact, bringing UCaaS and CCaaS together is so valuable that our research with Metrigy shows participants who integrated UCaaS and CCaaS see the following results:

Not enough proof yet? Don’t worry. We’ll give you an inside look at how an integrated UCaaS and CCaaS solution can help make your entire organization more customer-centric.

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Build confidence with your customers

We all know that happy employees = happy customers. After all, if your employees are happy, they’ll be more likely to create positive experiences for customers. But how do you create a positive (and productive) work environment? The answer lies in combining UCaaS with CCaaS. Employees want to make their job as easy as possible, so providing them with tools that help them communicate with one another and customers is a win-win. We’re talking video, messaging, phone—the works!

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ringcentral's integration with salesforce with click to dial feature for cold calling

Connect your business communications and call center

Streamline your business by bridging the gap between your business communications and call center. An integrated UCaaS and CCaaS solution can ensure your employees and customers stay connected at all times. With this tighter connection, employees can easily share knowledge to resolve customer issues faster and silos can be a thing of the past. 

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RingCentral Contact Center routing calls

How to adopt a customer-centric strategy for your business

Deliver high value and ROI across business and customer communications

Get more bang for your buck with an integrated UCaaS and CCaaS solution. A single cloud communications platform will not only reduce costs and mitigate risks, but also provide stronger return on investment (ROI) and operational agility. Sounds nice, right?

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“A single-vendor strategy that integrates team messaging and collaboration and video meetings, as well as calling, results in 56% lower TCO (total cost of ownership) compared to a multi-vendor strategy and also provides for a simpler end-user experience and reduced management complexity.”


The ultimate desire is to have one vendor that can do it all and improve your business’s bottom line. Take a look at RingCentral—it’s doing just that. A survey of more than 250 of RingCentral’s small and medium business customers showed that they experienced great ROI, streamlined workflows, and increased productivity.

SMB Customers Top Benefits RingCentral

Communicate with customers in the right place at the right time

Build trust and loyalty with your customers by delivering a true omnichannel experience. This gives customers the power to communicate with your business through the channel of their choice. With an integrated UCaaS and CCaaS solution, you’re equipped to assist customers in any channel, from phone calls to video meetings to live chat and social media.

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RingCentral Contact Center Omnichannel

The proof’s in the pudding: Gempler’s success story

Gempler’s, a nationwide supplier to farms, was experiencing a high period of growth in 2019 and soon found that their ordinary telephony solution could no longer support them. With only 60 staff and increasing customer demand, they knew they had to make a change and invest in something bigger: an integrated UCaaS and CCaaS solution.

They turned to RingCentral as their single vendor for all their business and customer communications needs. After finding that their agents were 28% faster at answering calls with RingCentral, they knew they’d found their match. Gempler’s now has access to a suite of features designed to build a stronger customer-centric team and customer experience. Since implementing RingCentral, Gempler’s has seen a 70% reduction in abandoned support calls and a drop in response times to support emails, from 14.5 hours down to 6 hours. 

“Whether we’re talking about RingCentral MVP or Contact Center, RingCentral is having a wide and deep positive impact on our business—and on our customers’ lives. That means everything to us.”

Debbie Holmquist, Director of Customer Service & Distribution

Ready to build a customer-centric team?

Customers really are king. They’re at the forefront of your business, driving your revenue and profits. Appeal to them by developing a customer-centric team that puts them first, sparking engagement across all channels from video and live chat to messaging and social media. With the power of an integrated UCaaS and CCaaS solution, you can finally build a customer-obsessed culture.

Wondering where to start? RingCentral’s got your back. An award-winning provider of UCaaS and CCaaS, RingCentral can help you up your communications gamefast.

If you’re a small or mid-sized business looking for the basics, the RingCentral MVP™ Premium edition plus Live Reports gives you all the benefits of our award-winning unified communications platform with additional contact center features (like call recording, supervisor modes, and integrations with key business apps). 

If you’re looking for something more robust, there’s RingCentral Contact Center™ and RingCentral Engage Digital™, which has everything you need to manage and grow a full-stack contact center.  

Whatever you’re looking for, RingCentral is here for you. When you choose RingCentral, you can tap into a number of additional benefits:

RingCentral is here to help you transform your business and make it more customer-centric. Let’s improve the customer experience, together.

Originally published Oct 12, 2021, updated Nov 18, 2021

Work together from anywhere with messaging, video conferencing, and phone calls—all in a single platform.

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