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Welcome to the new era of collaborative communications.

In this digital business era, speed and agility drive competitive advantage and business success. Operating in this new era requires today’s workforce to communicate and collaborate with speed and efficiency to get more work done in less time. Having the right business communications and collaboration solution for your individuals and teams is thus critical.

At RingCentral, we fundamentally believe that business communications solutions should empower your teams to be more productive and to build relationships with your customers, partners, and shareholders. Unfortunately, many companies are still bogged down with legacy systems that are inflexible and cannot adapt to the reality of today’s modern business.

However, with the rapid move to the cloud over the last few years, forward-looking organizations are now able to connect and integrate their applications in the cloud, whether it’s CRM, office productivity, or business communications.

As the largest and fastest-growing global provider of pure-cloud business communications and collaboration solutions, RingCentral has been relentless in driving the industry forward.

Over the last few years, we have significantly expanded our product portfolio and now offer voice, video, team messaging, online meetings, and contact center solutions. We have opened up our platform to allow ISVs and customers to take advantage of our open APIs. We have expanded globally and have seen tremendous growth in the mid-market and enterprise segments.

This incredible growth and transformation has caused us to rethink our own brand positioning, so we are really excited and proud to unveil our new brand campaign.

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We wanted this campaign to reflect a more modern, bold, and inspirational tone. It conveys the empowerment of the individual who has the ability to communicate and collaborate any way they want, and as result create stronger connections with colleagues, customers, and partners. By empowering their workforce with the most advanced business communication technology, businesses will gain the competitive edge they need to win in this digital era.