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ChartSpan Protects Patient Information and Discovers All-Inclusive Business Communications with RingCentral


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ChartSpan is a healthcare company specializing in patient engagement technology and medical managed services that help doctors and patients engage with each other beyond the clinical encounter. ChartSpan provides patients with a free, secure app that they can use to organize, request, and send health records.

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Reliable communication is critical across all departments at ChartSpan. The “Engagement-as-a-Service” (EaaS) platform, which helps healthcare providers better serve chronically ill patients, is a call center staffed by nurses who assist patients with a variety of medical situations. Sometimes, these situations involve calling 911. The company also has employees who work in office locations, as well as account executives and consultants who travel frequently. With its increasing popularity, ChartSpan knew it needed a budget-friendly, cloud-based communications solution that integrates easily with Google to support its growing customer base.

RingCentral was the perfect choice for ChartSpan because it offers a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), which is needed to maintain HIPAA compliance. RingCentral’s phone and conferencing capabilities are used by employees to stay connected with colleagues and patients, regardless of whether they are at their desks or on the go. In addition to being used for conferencing, RingCentral Meetings is also used to conduct webinars involving internal and external individuals. Because RingCentral integrates seamlessly with Google, it is easy for ChartSpan employees to communicate within existing Google applications, including Chromeboxes, which are essential to the EaaS platform.

RingCentral is not just a communications provider for ChartSpan, but also a trusted partner. As the company continues to grow and expand, the staff at ChartSpan knows they can rely on RingCentral to improve their ability to help care for patients.

Learn more about how RingCentral enables healthcare organizations to get mobile while staying HIPAA-compliant here.

Originally published Feb 23, 2017, updated Sep 17, 2021

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