When your users bring their own smartphones to work, security takes a hit.

They mix work and personal calls, email, calendars, and documents. That’s bad enough when they are at work, but if they leave the company, your company data goes with the phone. Because your company data is on the phone.

But with the RingCentral mobile app, your company info is always in the cloud. Because it’s streamed to the phone rather than stored there.

When you start the RingCentral mobile app, it connects to the RingCentral servers and gives you access to your communications, including your contact list, your call log, your email with all its attachments, even your Business SMS history—all streamed to your phone from your RingCentral account.

But when you leave the company (or lose your phone), your Administrator removes your account from the system with a few clicks, and bingo—you can’t log into your RingCentral mobile app, and there are no company emails, documents, text messages, calendar entries, or anything else left hanging around your phone.

Your company data is safe in the cloud—and stays there.

That’s BYOD security — in a few simple clicks.

And it’s a lot easier than dealing with user fears that the security app you want them to install on their phones will blow away all their family photos, personal emails, and game apps. And it works equally well on their personal devices as on the company smartphones.