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RingCentral Engage Digital is now an Apple Business Chat Customer Service Platform

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With almost 60 billion messages exchanged daily via Messenger and WhatsApp, messaging has become a major component of Customer Care strategy. With the launch of Business Chat, Apple adapts to this trend and offers its users the opportunity to contact companies via its Messages app.

As an official Apple Customer Service Platform, RingCentral Engage Digital enables companies to easily implement this new channel to interact with their customers.

In this article, you will learn about some of the benefits of Apple Business Chat:

Business Chat has many advantages for customers

Messaging, as a new way for customers and brands to interact, gives more flexibility to users since it is asynchronous. With this solution, it is now possible to send messages outside of business hours and receive a notification once you have received an answer without having to wait and be focused the way you would during phone calls or live-chat. Moreover, conversations can be followed from several devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone).

Thanks to Apple Business Chat, customers will be able to get answers to their problems from their iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and initiate conversations from apps such as Safari, Maps, Spotlight, and Siri. They will also be able to send secured payments via Apple Pay and schedule appointments or other more complex actions like these.

During the WWDC 2018, Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering said: “Private data should remain private.”. With Apple Business Chat, customers can securely share confidential information, as well as files (like documentation to support their claim). Apple also applies a strict data privacy policy in terms of personal data sharing with third party companies.

Business Chat: a revolution for managing Customer Care

With 700 million iPhone users worldwide, Business Chat draws on a considerable user database.

Thanks to Apple’s new innovation, agents can handle several conversations simultaneously and answer waitlisted messages during low activity periods which will help avoid activity peaks that can occur with live channels such as phone calls and chat.

With this “fast asynchronous” way of interaction, companies can even out their production: agents can answer instantaneously or later and treat several interactions at the same time. Business Chat is also an excellent opportunity for companies to reinforce connections with their customers, to meet their expectations, and distinguish themselves from their competition.

Apple Business Chat: an asset for Customer Relations thanks to RingCentral Engage Digital

As a Customer Service Platform (CSP), the RingCentral Engage Digital interface, common to all digital channels (email, messaging, live chat, social media, mobile) can now enable you to manage messages coming from Business Chat the same way as all the other channels.

You simply need to add a new connector to the platform to integrate Business Chat easily, without having to train specifically your agents for this channel. In the case where the volume of messages coming from Business Chat would be low, teams are still available to answer on other channels.

The platform adapts to Business Chat’s specificities to reduce the gap between what customers see and what agents view on the platform for flowing and natural interactions.

Just like Messenger and WhatsApp, integrating Business Chat in your Customer Care strategy is vital if companies want to adapt to their customers’ new needs and usages. Moreover, this will empower them to convey an image of innovation and looking to the future and to distinguish themselves from their competition. By rolling out this Apple Business Chat connector, RingCentral Engage Digital asserts its will to accompany companies on new channels appreciated by customers, and optimize their Omni-Digital strategy.

If you wish to use Apple Business Chat with RingCentral Engage Digital’s Customer Service Platform, do not hesitate to contact us.

Originally published Sep 26, 2018, updated Aug 27, 2020

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