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World Vision’s Humanitarian Outreach Goes Further with RingCentral


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kid-6061-worldvision-blog-image_r1 World Vision, one of the world’s largest Christian humanitarian organizations, brought millions of children and families around the world out of poverty last year to brighter futures. The World Vision team realized early on that the more efficient they can be with resources, the more funds they can deliver directly to needy children and communities. They have consistently been praised for their financial efficiency and transparency, and today, World Vision is recognized as a top 20 U.S. nonprofit. It is also among the most efficient charities in the world with $1.30 going to projects for every $1 donated due to low overhead and matching funds.

I am extremely proud to say RingCentral is now playing a part in World Vision’s mission to get funding where it is needed most by helping move its communications infrastructure to the cloud.

World Vision has a highly mobile and distributed workforce, with more than 1,000 employees dispersed among its office locations nationwide. World Vision needed a flexible and easy to use cloud solution to empower employees to communicate in any way, anywhere, and on any device.

World Vision’s extremely talented IT team knew their legacy PBX systems were taking too much time to manage, were too expensive to maintain and only provided limited communications capabilities. With RingCentral, the World Vision team is already experiencing greater flexibility and call quality, and they anticipate cost savings – money that will go to help many more children and families in need.

The success of this implementation was particularly important to my team because we wanted the staff at World Vision to focus on their core mission as opposed to worrying about migrating their communications to the cloud. World Vision is doing amazing work and improving the lives of people around the globe, so we wanted to do anything we could to ensure a successful implementation, giving the organization one less thing to worry about.

The Professional Services team here at RingCentral is designed to enable customers to reduce infrastructure costs while establishing a framework to drive employee efficiency and accelerate business performance.  My team was able to work closely with the World Vision IT staff to formulate a design specific to their needs and plan to ensure that the organization has the latest communications technology while leveraging existing investments to keep costs down. We provided customized technical design, network consulting, integration support, and monitoring services–attributes that are necessary for a smooth roll out.

The next phase of World Vision’s deployment will be to roll out RingCentral’s next generation software-based cloud video conferencing system, RingCentral Rooms™, across its conference rooms. Additionally, the company plans to leverage RingCentral for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft 365 integrations to boost productivity.

Just as the organization is working diligently works to improve the lives of others, the Professional Services team will continue to do everything we can to support and improve the RingCentral experience for the World Vision team.

Read the complete press release here.

Originally published Sep 29, 2016, updated Dec 30, 2022

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