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Winners announced: The 2022 Small Business Week Contest

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Every year during National Small Business Week, we ask RingCentral customers to send in a short video for a chance to win one of several prizes. This year, we got nearly fifty entries, and the decision was tougher than ever. (You can watch all of the submissions over on our YouTube channel!)

To all of our small businesses customers who participated: We were blown away by the quality of your submissions, as well as the heart and soul you put into your videos. We’re lucky to have each and every one of you as RingCentral customers and are honored to help keep your businesses running, especially during such a disruptive time. 

It was a tough decision to make, but in the end these four videos stood out and earned top spots:

Grand prize winner: Catina & Mara, PLLC

“We’ve literally discovered something new about RingCentral every other day,  and it helps our law firm stay connected with our clients and with each other.”

– Laura Catina, Partner, Catina & Mara, PLLC

This year’s winner is Catina & Marra, PLC, a woman-run law firm out of New York. The firm’s website touts their team’s “focus on communication,” which is critical in the legal world, so it’s no wonder that RingCentral has been a great match for their business.

One of the features they love most? Business texting. “We need that open line of communication [with our clients] without using our personal cell phones,” firm partner Laura Catina says. Business SMS (texting) has also been a comfort for clients, who know they can send a text to their representation at any time in a manner that is easy for them.

Firm partner Amy Mara says RingCentral has helped the firm stay more connected, no matter what. “We live in three adjacent counties,” Mara says. “But when I pick up the phone, it’s like we’re sitting next to each other in the office.” She also said teleconferencing via RingCentral has really stepped up their small firm’s professional polish.

And you might think faxing is dead…but not for law firms. Catina & Mara make good use of RingCentral’s digital faxing feature, as well. “There are still occasions when we have to send a fax to the court or a client…they’re not going anywhere anytime soon!”

Congratulations to Catina & Mara on this well-deserved win! 

Honorable mentions

Carroll Media

“We’ve been working with RingCentral for a long time. It’s allowed us to improve profitability as well as sales. But most importantly, it keeps us on the go.” 

– DJ Carroll, CEO, Carroll Media 

In this witty, dynamically produced entry, we get to see a day in the life at Carroll Media and how RingCentral has helped keep everyone connected, no matter where they live.

RingCentral Video has been a game changer for finding the best talent, says CEO DJ Carroll. “RingCentral allows us to hire without geographical boundaries… Our international team members are crucial to the success of our business.”

And beyond staying connected, RingCentral has helped cut down on all the unnecessary noise at Carroll Media. “Using [RingCentral’s] IVR (interactive voice response) has reduced incoming spam calls by a whopping 40%!” says Carroll.

Congratulations to DJ and everyone at Carroll Media on such a creative, dynamic video! 

Dispute Nation

“We love that RingCentral is a complete phone system. That makes it so easy to call, meet, message, fax, and text, all from one app.” 

– Geovanna Arias, Office Manager, Dispute Nation

Dispute Nation is a consumer advocacy organization, helping 1,000s of clients improve their credit. They also have produced viral videos on YouTube, and a growing audience there that wants to learn more about fixing their own credit.

“With RingCentral, we’ve been able to provide our viewers easy ways to call and text us,” says Geovanna Arias, Dispute Nation’s office manager.

RingCentral has also given the Dispute Nation Team the ability to work more flexibly. “We can be on the road meeting with clients, or in different time zones working with team members. Having our phones and faxes in one place has been extremely convenient for us.”

Another huge benefit that RingCentral has brought to Dispute Nation: all of the built-in integrations. “We can easily automate our business with Trello, Slack, Google Drive plugins, and more. We don’t have to be tied to our desks to get work done.”

Congratulations on all the success, Dispute Nation!


“We love the many ways RingCentral is simplifying our lives and growing our business.” 

– Tracy Rivera Cooper, Director of Marketing,  

How is this recreation software company of only 25 employees able to service over 400 parks and recreation departments nationwide? RingCentral has been a huge help.

RingCentral Video, in particular, has really helped the team stay on top of all their remote help sessions with clients. “Our director of onboarding and his team rely heavily on this feature,” says Tracy Rivera Cooper, Director of Marketing at The ability to record meetings also gives their clients the chance to go back and rewatch the team’s recommendations on their own time.

As you can imagine, coordinating support of hundreds of clients with a small team requires constant, dynamic communication. That’s why loves RingCentral’s team messaging. Their director of client services team takes full advantage, says Rivera Cooper. “They set up group chats for handling client calls… utilize tasks to keep discussions organized, and [use] the linked files and pinned posts area, where information is always at your fingertips.”

Way to go,! 

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Your small business could be the next success story

This year, we received nearly fifty submissions from our small business customers, telling us all the ways RingCentral has helped them stay connected. Small businesses love RingCentral, and the feeling is mutual. 

If you’re looking to get more connected, improve customer experience, and supercharge all of your communications, we’re ready when you are. Learn more about the RingCentral Advantage: our personalized onboarding service that’s built specially for small businesses like yours. And be sure to stay tuned for your chance to submit for our 2023 Small Business Week Challenge. 

Originally published May 06, 2022, updated Dec 30, 2022

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