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The RingCentral Advantage: With you every step of the way

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Rolling out a new business phone solution can feel overwhelming. You’ll have a lot of questions. How are we going to train our staff to use the new system? Who’s going to train us to administer it? How do we begin the process of moving our existing phone numbers to the new solution?

All of these were concerns for Steve Rice & Associates when they decided to retire their traditional phone infrastructure and move to RingCentral’s cloud-based solution. The financial-services firm has decades of experience helping individuals and businesses make smart financial decisions, but they’re complete novices when it comes to phone-system deployment.

Fortunately, because they chose RingCentral, the team at Steve Rice & Associates enjoyed an easy transition to their new phone solution. The reason? The RingCentral Advantage.  

As a RingCentral customer, you’re never alone

“I had so many questions during the implementation,” says Xander Rice, a partner and financial services representative with the firm. “Not because setting up the system was difficult—it wasn’t. I just wanted to know everything it was capable of.

The implementation team walked us through the system, took the time to answer all of my questions about features and settings, and encouraged us to keep asking those questions.

See the Steve Rice story 

The RingCentral Advantage starts on day one 

Xander is describing the first component of The RingCentral Advantage, a comprehensive mix of experts, tools, and other resources to help you seamlessly and successfully deploy RingCentral across your business—and easily adjust the system to meet your company’s changing needs. That high-quality service and support begins on day one and continues for as long as you’re a RingCentral customer. 

The RingCentral Advantage is comprised of: 

  • A free consultation with our Implementation Team (a $400 value)
  • Online porting of your business numbers into your new RingCentral account
  • Live online training sessions for system administrators and everyone on your team who’ll be using RingCentral
  • Regular invites to online tutorials led by RingCentral experts who will teach you best practices and offer useful tips
  • An extensive library of system guides, videos, and other resources in our Knowledge Base
  • 24/7 access to RingCentral’s world-class support teams—accessible via chat or phone

As Xander explains: “It was obvious to me from those implementation discussions that RingCentral wanted our firm to get as much value from their system as we could.” And as a RingCentral customer, you’ll enjoy a similarly supportive experience when you begin your company’s cloud-phone rollout. 

Learn more about the RingCentral Advantage

Originally published Feb 26, 2021, updated Dec 30, 2022

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