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Internet fax

Sending and receiving faxes made easy. Give your company advanced online fax functionality with RingCentral internet fax service.

What is internet fax?

Internet fax is the functionality that big and small businesses use to send and receive faxes over the internet. While a heavy bulk of information and paperwork used to be sent through fax machines before the internet became a thing, today’s business environment has adapted to a faster, more efficient way to share data—and took advantage of the internet to do so.

Unlike traditional faxing, online faxing utilizes your computers, laptops, or mobile devices to send faxes. This allows businesses to send faxes even without a physical fax machine. In fact, senders do not even have to print the document they have to send. Recipients receive it as a fax printout through their fax machines or as a PDF image via their own online fax account.

A trusted internet fax service provider, RingCentral is your partner in making sure all your faxing needs are met. From previewing faxes and designing custom cover sheets to keeping private information secure and email inboxes organized, we offer the complete range of functionality you would look for in an online fax service.

Benefits of internet faxing

Always available

Because all incoming faxes are managed in the online service, you’ll never miss an important message. This also means senders never get a busy signal, even if you’re on the phone or receiving a fax transmission.

Works with various devices

Send fax pages online using your RingCentral for Desktop and mobile app or directly from your email. You can also attach docs from your computer or from a cloud storage service (Box, Dropbox™, Google Drive™) and send a fax directly using FaxOut.

Low-cost option

Eliminate costly hardware and dedicated phone lines when you switch to eFax. You can also opt to connect your existing fax machine to your RingCentral service with an analog adapter. Additionally, you can choose local or toll-free fax numbers for sending and receiving faxes from around the world.

Maximum control and security

Transmit faxes securely over an encrypted internet connection, store incoming faxes in a password-protected online account, fax to groups, block faxes without caller ID, specify a different email and text values for each type of notification, and many more.

Unified RingCentral phone number

Every extension can take voice calls and faxes; no need for a separate internet fax number. You'll still receive your fax messages even if you’re on the phone. Plus, messages are stored securely in your account and can be delivered as email attachments.

Advanced fax features

Get exciting functionalities such as sending faxes to multiple recipients, attaching files from your cloud storage service, designing custom cover pages, getting instant notifications by text message or email, and more.

An online fax solution made for businesses

Video: Online Fax - Internet faxing made easy

Get all the fax.

Dive into the details with our helpful data sheet.

The best online fax service for your business

RingCentral is the top choice for competitive fax plans by clients in various industries, including healthcare, financial services, legal, and real estate. Check out our pricing and packages, and start sending and receiving faxes online!

Solutions for every type of business

Enjoy customized packages and send sensitive documents in a breeze.

FAQs about RingCentral fax service

With RingCentral Internet Fax, you can send faxes to any online or physical fax machine within the country or overseas (yes, that means international faxes!).
Once you become a subscriber, a RingCentral fax icon will appear within your Windows® applications—such as Outlook, Word, etc. Documents will be converted to PDF files and sent to any fax machine with a local or international number.
Download and install the free RingCentral for Desktop. Windows users can also benefit from the integration between Microsoft Outlook and RingCentral for Desktop to send faxes within Outlook.
If you’re using RingCentral for Desktop, here’s what you need:
  • On Windows, integrated fax requires Windows 7.0 or later, Pentium or above processor or compatible, a minimum of 1 GB of memory, and 300 MB of hard drive space.
  • On the Mac, integrated fax requires Mac OS ® 10.10 or later, an Intel processor, 1 GB of memory, and 300 MB of hard drive space.
Internet fax can also be used via the RingCentral mobile app, which is available for Android and iPhone devices.
RingCentral Internet Fax lets you block junk faxes as easily as you block junk email, saving you time and printing costs.
Your RingCentral phone number can be used for both fax and voice with VoIP capabilities, along with sophisticated business-value features and flexible communications options.
In your online account, you can create “groups” of contacts. When you receive a fax, you can easily share it with your groups by sending a fax from your computer.

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