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See key customer information the moment your phone rings: Introducing URL app launch


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  • URL app launch automatically pulls up key customer information when your phone rings.
  • Launch a customer profile from Salesforce, Hubspot, or any app you use daily.


When it comes to your teams and customers, calling is still the preferred method of communication. But as critical as calling is to your business, talking with customers over the phone comes with several challenges.

Let’s consider the following scenarios:

  • You’re a sales representative who handles many prospects and customers that require your attention at the same time. When you get a call, you struggle to locate the right account profile and sour a good first impression.
  • You’re a customer support agent who receives an angry complaint call. Your caller expects a timely resolution to their issue but is forced to wait impatiently as you pull up their information.
  • You’re a small business owner who wants insights into your callers before you answer the phone. This allows you to go into the call prepared.

Customer information is key to a successful interaction with a caller, and having instant access to that information can completely elevate the calling experience you offer.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our newest phone feature in RingCentral: URL app launch support. Launch customer records instantly the moment your phone rings.


What is URL app launch support?

URL app launch support allows your desktop to automatically launch a customer profile from Salesforce, Hubspot, or any app you use daily that matches the caller ID of an incoming phone call. In the GIF above, the incoming call launched a LinkedIn profile.

Let’s say you’re a customer support agent. When a call comes in, a matching customer record immediately pops up on your screen. This can be a RingCentral Contact Center record or a Zendesk record—giving you a 360 view of your customer so you can answer the phone prepared.

💥 Pro-tip: 

If you use RingCentral as your business phone system, you can easily integrate it with other popular apps across CRM and customer support, including niche CRMs like AgileCRM and Zoho.


Why should you use URL app launch support?

Customer service representatives working at their desktop computers in call center

1. Provide a better calling experience

Even loyal customers can call it quits after a bad interaction with your company. And when your staff starts conversations by quizzing callers for look-up information, callers can feel like just another account in the system.

URL app launch support pulls that information instantly when a call comes in, giving your staff full context into callers and their issues before the conversation starts. They can resolve issues quickly while giving callers a personalized touch.

2. Drive revenue with faster resolutions

Our new calling feature aims to automate simple and repetitive tasks so you can focus on revenue-driving activities.

By resolving issues and finishing calls faster, agents can delight customers quicker. Saving a few minutes per call can mean several more per hour and hundreds per week—and can mean exceeding your KPIs and driving higher growth.

💥 Pro-tip: 

If you’re training new sales reps, use call monitoring to listen in on calls in real-time, discreetly speak to them, or even take over calls if they need a bit of help.


Use tools together to speed up information gathering 

Keeping your callers (and staff) happy is a recipe for success—and that starts with giving your customer-facing teams the right tools for the job. 

At RingCentral, our goal is to make communications simpler for everyone—no matter where you work. With URL app launch support, your staff can always stay in the know and never be caught off guard. 

URL app launch support is now available for all RingCentral users. Click below for more information and try it out on the RingCentral app today.

Originally published Mar 31, 2022

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