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RingCentral & Mitel: Announcing our first certified devices

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In November 2021, we announced a strategic partnership with Mitel to provide their global customer base with a seamless cloud migration path to RingCentral’s Message Video Phone (MVP) platform.

As part of this agreement, RingCentral became Mitel’s exclusive UCaaS partner, providing customers with a next-gen, mobile-first, cloud communications platform with high reliability and security, functionality, and broad enterprise app integrations.

The biggest advantage this partnership offers is the accelerated speed-to-market. Our joint product and engineering teams have been innovating at lightning speed. 

The process involves small, fast implementations combined with feedback loops and iterative learning cycles, enabling both organizations to learn and adapt to the market more quickly than when following the traditional build-your-own “big bang” approach.

And after just 5 months since this partnership began, we have some product launch momentum to share.


Mitel 6900 certifications for RingCentral MVP

We’re jointly excited to announce that Mitel’s flagship Mitel 6900 IP Desk Phones are now officially certified with RingCentral MVP, our industry-leading cloud communications platform. 

This includes the following desk phones:


Empower hybrid teams with advanced calling features

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The Mitel phone experience is important to preserve, and these certifications extend beyond the basic Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) feature set. 

Initial Mitel and RingCentral certification include advanced features that empower hybrid teams with integrated, easy-to-use features such as assisted provisioning integration, Busy Lamp Field (BLF), call recording, common phone (hot desking), analytics, and many more. 

The goal is to help inform, empower, and serve the hybrid strategies of 2022 and beyond. This unlocks cloud migration opportunities for Mitel customers who choose RingCentral MVP as their UCaaS provider of choice. 


Zero touch provisioning of Mitel devices

Deploying and configuring network devices is a tedious and expensive tasks for admins—but it could be much simpler.

Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) eliminates the traditional method of deploying and maintaining devices and allows provisioning of new devices in your company automatically, without a truck roll or manual intervention. 

Faster deployment, fewer mistakes

The goal of ZTP is to allow for faster deployment with fewer mistakes. This feature fully automates the setup of BYOD devices while reducing the time to get them operational.  

It can save a trip to your various locations and let your users self provision and allow for auto-updates. All these benefits add up to significant savings in money, time, and resources

As businesses grow and disperse, automation is the key to efficient setup, avoidance of errors, and economical management of remote devices by IT admins.

Zero Touch Provisioning will be available to Mitel customers in the US, UK, and Canada around May 2022.


A stress-free path to the cloud

By servicing both business and IT decision-makers equally, Mitel and RingCentral help to decrease the total cost of ownership (TCO) and mitigate risk from global implementation while increasing end-user value and productivity

There’s never been a better time to upgrade to RingCentral MVP. Take advantage of limited-time, exclusive incentives that make the upgrade a sound business decision and a frictionless path to the cloud. 

Speak to your Mitel representative or a RingCentral representative to learn about the latest phone integrations and migration incentives. Exclusive incentives are available for MiCloud Connect, SKY, MiCloud Flex, MiCloud Office, or MiCloud Business customers.

Originally published Apr 11, 2022, updated Aug 24, 2022

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