Browsing through voicemail on an answering machine or a cell phone is a clumsy process.

First, you have to listen to all your messages to get to the messages that count.

Then, you have to replay an entire message if you’ve missed any details.

And finally, you have to listen to each message to know who it’s from and when they called.

Visual Voicemail eliminates these issues by giving you a list of your voice messages, complete with caller ID information, time stamp and duration of the call – so you see all your voicemails at a glance.

You can also use a slider to fast-forward or rewind to specific points within any message, and you can view fax messages, too. Betcha can’t do that on your answering machine.

To get this feature, you’ll need to download the RingCentral CallController™ for your Mac or PC, or the RingCentral app for iPhone. Both downloads are free, but you must be a RingCentral subscriber to use them.