How to Transform Your iPad or iPod Touch into a Mobile Phone

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With version 2.1 of the RingCentral App for iPhone, you can make VoIP calls over Wi-Fi directly from your iPad or iPod Touch.

Downloading the app is free for all RingCentral subscribers, and using VoIP means you can save carrier minutes. Simply use your iPad or iPod Touch to make calls using WiFi or a 3G data connection.

To start making VoIP calls:

1. Download the RingCentral App for iPhone
2. Make sure you’re connected to a WiFi hotspot
3. Make a call using the dialer or your contacts

Note: Only U.S. iOS devices can be used to make VoIP calls.The RingOut feature is not available for iPad or iPod Touch. VoIP calls are charged based on your RingCentral plan.

Originally published Jan 11, 2011, updated Dec 17, 2020

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