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This Award-Winning Law Firm Uses RingCentral to Solve a Common Small-Business Challenge (Two, Actually)


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Check out the story of how MHP&S Law is using RingCentral to offer better client service while working remotely or listen to a podcast now.

With partners who consistently win awards such as “10 Best in Client Satisfaction,” the Tennessee-based law firm of Martin Heller Potempa & Sheppard knows that the excellent reputation of its thriving practice is built largely on outstanding client service.

And for any small business—but particularly a law firm, where clients are often going through extremely stressful issues—a big part of outstanding service is being accessible.

“At the firm I worked for previously,” says founding partner Sean Martin, “we had a traditional phone system, and that meant as soon as we left the office communicating with our clients became that much more difficult.”

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RingCentral unified communications makes staying connected to clients and colleagues even easier.

When they rolled out RingCentral to both their attorneys and office staff, the team at MHPS found right away that they were able to offer the world-class client service they had envisioned.

With the RingCentral app, everyone is able to use their business number to take or make calls (and even text messages) from any device, including their own mobile phones. Attorneys don’t have to give out their personal numbers to stay accessible to clients when in court or on the road. And as far as their clients were concerned, MHPS’s attorneys are always “in the office.”

But that’s just one of several big benefits the firm is now enjoying thanks to RingCentral. Here’s another.

The RingCentral with Time Miner app combination helps the firm boost revenue.

When they integrated the RingCentral unified communications solution with Time Miner, an app that automates finding and calculating billable communications, the attorneys at MHPS realized they were also able to automatically track and calculate all phone calls, voicemails, texts, and other communications with each of their clients.

This means RingCentral is also helping MHPS’s staff save time and frustration at the end of each month because they no longer have to manually search for and add up all of their billable client time. And because it’s helping attorneys catch billable communications that have previously fallen through the cracks, the combination of RingCentral and Time Miner is actually helping the firm add real revenue to its bottom line.

But those still aren’t all of the benefits this small legal practice is realizing. To see how else the firm is improving its business with RingCentral—and how yours can too—read the MHPS case study.

Originally published Jun 11, 2019, updated Dec 30, 2022

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