The founder of BeWell Health, Hana Solomon, MD, has a sense of humor. Here’s the original mission Dr. Hana set for her company and its flagship product, a nasal wash called Nasopure: “Keeping the world clean, one itchy, snotty, drippy, sneezy, congested nose at a time.”

Now that they’ve sold millions of Nasopure units in more than 20 countries around the world, the small team at BeWell Health is actually making Dr. Hana’s catchy mission statement a reality.

But the company faced a challenge, like any small business that’s expanding geographically: How can you effectively communicate and build relationships with employees, reps, partners, and customers all over the world?

Staying connected and building key relationships with video conferencing

Since they’ve started using RingCentral’s all-in-one cloud communications solution— and particularly the video conferencing feature—BeWell Health has found all sorts of ways to improve its business operations.

“We use RingCentral video conferencing to communicate with customers and to hold meetings with our international distributors overseas, which definitely helps us improve those relationships,” says Marcus Solomon, BeWell Health’s President. “Video conferencing is so much better than over the phone or email.”

“Our product is in health-food stores here in the US like Whole Foods and Sprouts, and we also use video conferencing to do in-store training and demonstrations about the product remotely so we can teach the staff of a Whole Foods about how to use it.”

BeWell Health even uses RingCentral video conferencing to host remote lectures. “When [Nasopure inventor] Dr. Hana needs to give a lecture or educate remotely, we use RingCentral, and it’s been a really big help.”

Solomon adds that the video conferencing solution helps the growing BeWell team stay connected. “We have offices both in Denver and in Columbia, Missouri, and RingCentral is helping us communicate better with our staff between offices.”

“You could even say RingCentral video conferencing has helped us increase sales,” Solomon says.

To learn more about how RingCentral video conferencing is helping BeWell Health and what it can do for your small business, watch the BeWell Health RingCentral video.