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Salesforce High Velocity Sales with RingCentral: How it works

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In recent years, inside sales have soared in popularity as more transactions happen over the internet. 

And since inside sales representatives meet with prospects online, communications tools for messaging, video meetings, and phone calls have become essential for teams to connect with their clients. 

In many cases, however, inside sales can reach its highest potential with effective lead management. This is where customer relationship management (CRM) platforms such as Salesforce come in. Salesforce helps target prospects using a data-driven approach, leading to higher conversions and better outcomes.

High Velocity Sales

In particular, Salesforce’s High Velocity Sales (HVS) application is designed to drive more conversions of leads. 

HVS helps sales managers build sequences of sales activities called a sales cadence that  make it easy for the reps to stay on schedule and ensure that prospects aren’t forgotten. High Velocity Sales also provides Work Queue automation where reps can find the right next step to take with the right lead, in one glance. 

As effective as High Velocity Sales and Salesforce are for remote sales teams, though, it often requires add-ons to fully manage the sales pipeline.

This is why the RingCentral for Salesforce integration is crucial. Now supporting High Velocity Sales, RingCentral for Salesforce allows reps to click to call right from their work queues and automatically provides the appropriate scripts for agents to follow. 

How it works:

To get a better understanding of how RingCentral and Salesforce’s High Velocity Sales applications work together, let’s look at a sales flow from Cruises & Co.

Cruises & Co. just wrapped up a campaign on the West Coast, and their sales team is eager to reach out to leads.

Sales Ops at Cruises & Co. creates a cadence, as shown below, where the reps will do an initial outreach. If there’s a meaningful connection, an email will be sent to the relevant team for initiating a demo. If there isn’t a meaningful connection, then there will be a final outreach attempt. Having established this as a process, the ops at Cruises & Co. can activate the cadence.  

Now, the inside sales team will see the prospects they need to reach out to and can easily initiate a call by clicking the call icon from the work queue.

One of the reps at Cruise & Co. signs into Salesforce and can see the list of leads they need to reach out to. The rep initiates the call to Ray who is the first lead indicated by Salesforce High Velocity Sales. 

Now, RingCentral enables the rep to easily manage the call right from the Salesforce interface, allowing them to associate contacts, leads, and related entities to the call activity. It also allows for note-taking and selecting the correct HVS disposition for the call.

If the rep had a positive call with the lead, she can select the lead as a “Meaningful Connect” from the list of dispositions.

Once the call is logged with the disposition selected, the HVS cadence will automatically move forward to the next step in the workflow. In the image below, the cadence has moved forward with the lead Ray removed from the list, allowing the rep to focus on the next lead.

RingCentral for Salesforce offers other useful customizations as well.

  • Enable HVS Mode 

Enables the RingCentral computer telephony integration (CTI) application to work in the HVS application.

  • Select a custom field for HVS Disposition

Allows the admin to pick the default field called “HVS Disposition” provided by RingCentral or choose their own custom field.

  • Mark HVS Disposition as a required field

Allows the admin to mark the disposition as non-mandatory (dispositions are marked mandatory by default).

  • Redirect incoming calls to Voicemail

Automatically direct any inbound call to voicemail while reps are on HVS calls.

For an overview of some of the key capabilities of the RingCentral for Salesforce integration, check out a demo below.

Originally published Sep 10, 2020, updated Jan 16, 2024

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