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Real Talk: Katie Sowers, Offensive Assistant Coach of the 49ers

Katie Sowers


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Katie Sowers is the Offensive Assistant Coach for the San Francisco 49ers, and the first woman and first openly gay coach to make it to the Super Bowl.

But her inspiration radiates beyond just her achievements in professional sports—she spends much of her energy on motivating her team, encouraging their growth on and off the field. She wants each player to feel a sense of purpose and what impact they have on the success of the team. To us, that’s the kind of coach—and person—you’d want in your life.

Katie also shares how she got to be a coach for the 49ers, and the many obstacles she overcame to get there. Whether it was a job rejection based on her gender or her sexual orientation, she seemed to always persevere, not accepting defeat or allowing it to derail her passion.

In case you missed this great chat, we recorded it—and you can watch it below!

Real Talk with Katie Sowers:
It's bigger than football. Learn more about Katie's story >>

And don’t forget to catch more of our Real Talks coming up—we have so many inspirational business owners and entrepreneurs who will be joining us.

Originally published Sep 10, 2020, updated Jan 30, 2023

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