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Announcing RingCX: An intelligent, easy contact center solution


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No matter the size of the organization, providing a great customer experience (CX) should be a priority. Research shows:

However, the challenge for many businesses has been avoiding the cost and complexity of traditional, siloed CX systems but still providing the experience that customers expect. They are often trapped between basic solutions that are easy to implement but lack functionality and advanced solutions that have all the bells and whistles but are typically too expensive and complicated for their needs. 

The sweet spot lies somewhere between these two extremes and requires a reinvented approach to EX and CX to deliver intelligent, connected experiences. At RingCentral, we have seen the market move beyond UC and CC convergence to open up a huge adoption for AI and digital. The convergence of all of these trends – UC, CC, AI, and digital – opens up a new opportunity to deliver enhanced experiences to every stakeholder – employees, customers, and everyone else. To bring it all together, we’ve announced RingCX, a native omnichannel contact center solution seamlessly integrated with 20+ digital channels and UCaaS capabilities, including messaging, video, phone, and cutting-edge RingSense AI technologies. 

Radically easy to buy, set up, and use, RingCX offers intuitive and easy-to-use tools for everyone – IT admins, supervisors, agents, and customers. Now your business can untangle the complexity of delivering great customer service with a nimble, cost-effective, AI-driven contact center solution. 

Key features of RingCX

  • Native omnichannel capabilities 
    • Seamless customer experiences with voice and 20+ digital channels, including email, SMS, live chat, and messaging applications
    • One-click escalation to video for richer conversations
    • Predictive, progressive, and preview modes for outbound calling
    • Unified business intelligence analytics and management with omnichannel administration, monitoring, customizable real-time dashboards and historical reports, including 200+ pre-built reports
    • Out-of-the-box CRM integrations, such as Salesforce and Zendesk, and open APIs to connect business applications
  • AI-powered experiences 
    • Intelligent Virtual Agents powered by Google Dialogflow for customer self-service
    • Real-time, AI-generated transcription and post-call summaries from RingSenseTM AI to facilitate post-call customer management, documentation, compliance, and analysis
    • AI-driven agent assistance in real-time to boost performance and compliance
  • Workforce engagement management
    • Native AI-first Quality Management and Conversation Analytics via RingSenseTM AI for post-call automated scoring, coaching, and performance management for supervisors
    • Advanced workforce management, including agent scheduling and forecasting

What sets RingCX apart from other CCaaS providers?

  • Agile and fast to deploy – RingCX makes it very easy for lean IT teams to deploy and manage, with pre-packaged implementation services and intuitive, easy-to-use tools for IT admins.​
  • Simplified buying/pricing – With a single, feature-rich bundle and unlimited inbound and outbound calling, RingCX helps with pricing predictability and lowers the cost of ownership.
  • AI for everyone – From self-service bots, to real-time agent coaching, to automatic call insights, RingCX efficiently provides better experiences for customers, agents, and supervisors alike.
  • Connected customer journeys – Enable seamless omnichannel conversations across voice, 20+ digital, and self-service AI channels
  • Effortless agent experiences – Boost productivity and accelerate onboarding by empowering hybrid agents with one radically simple AI-assisted omnichannel desktop
  • Nimble omnichannel operations – Self-manage, streamline, and unify voice and digital operations with cross-channel customer and agent insights ​

As customer journeys get more complex, RingCX comes to the rescue to resolve the increasingly intricate complications associated with conventional, isolated contact centers. It’s time to shift away from viewing User Experience, Customer Experience, and Agent Experience as distinct elements and move towards a solution that provides intelligent, connected experiences.

Originally published Aug 08, 2023, updated Jan 25, 2024

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