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RingCentral's top CX innovations: Spring 2023


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Customer experience is critical to business success today. And companies who do it well know one thing for sure: technology can be a huge help.

Whether it’s faster resolution times on customer issues or more efficient communication, technology is changing the CX game for the better. And it isn’t just the customers who are happy; streamlined workflows and deeper insights mean less stress for your whole CX team. 

That’s why RingCentral’s customer experience solutions continue to expand, and this spring is no exception! Here are seven of the top customer experience innovations for Spring 2023 for better customer, agent, and supervisor experiences.

1. Bot Skill Store

Gartner predicts that bots will save $80B by 2026 so expanding digital self-service is critical. Our Bot Skill Store is one more way to expand self-service quickly as you don’t have to build all your self-service bots from scratch. Folks who have our Bot Builder product automatically get the Bot Skill Store.

Example: Add a funny persona to a bot with a Chuck Norris joke!

2. Advanced Caller ID

According to recent data from Pew Research, only 19 percent of Americans answer the phone for “unknown callers.” Your business can dramatically boost its answer rate to as much as 94 percent by displaying company name and dialable numbers on caller ID to a mobile line.

Increased call answer rates are critical for your business to deliver important information, such as appointment reminders, to customers. Advanced Caller ID supports users on T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon users on a single contract to ensure delivery to recipients without being dropped by carriers downstream.

Example: Prospects who filled out online information request forms with a supplier will take the follow-up call from that supplier because they can see who is calling them.

3. New Agent Experience

This feature is one of the most important innovations that supports the ability of your agents to deliver a best-in-class customer experience. Agents now have consistent, modern experiences that incorporate all digital-first private and public channels and one-click integrations across all agent solutions. Relevant customer data, including interaction history and data from integrated CRMs, appears on agent desktops and provides agents with a complete view of the customer. 

Example: When a customer calls with an issue, the single contact card provides full visibility into the customer’s journey so the agent is empowered to respond effectively.

4. RTIG for Sales Effectiveness

Drive revenue with real-time guidance for sales agents, so they can close every sale. Agents can be tracked and alerted based on key sales behaviors, as well as coached in real time. They can also be notified about new opportunities and seize the moment to make a sale. RTIG for Sales also displays sales metrics and behavioral score trending in Interaction Analytics (requires Interaction Analytics Premium) for tracking sales effectiveness over time. 

Example: A salesperson is reminded on a sales call to acknowledge a customer request.

5. Proactive Real-time Alerts for Supervisors

Expand the one-stop-shop supervisor experience with real-time audio and visual alerts as well as suggested next steps so supervisors can instantly help agents in need. These alerts are based on agent state and customer sentiment. Up to 30 simultaneous alerts are supported.

Example: A supervisor sees that the customer sentiment is low on a particular agent interaction and jumps in to help boost the vibes!

6. Enhanced Presence Synchronization

There are times when agents need to work without distractions. Enhanced presence synchronization does that through presence status updates that prevent interactions when an agent is involved on an MVP call, meeting, or webinar.

Supervisors can evaluate data on agent activities to get a sense of the amount of time spent in calls versus meetings, webinars, and other interactions. Reports generated from presence data offer valuable insights into agent productivity and efficiency.

7. Automatic Conversation Close

Chat is a great mode of service interaction, but it does present some challenges to agent efficiency. In particular, it is difficult for agents to know if and when a customer has left the chat. Hanging around on empty chats impedes agent productivity.

At the same time, agents don’t want to leave chats too early, which alienates customers. This feature establishes a timeout level for chat sessions so they automatically end if a customer doesn’t respond in a certain period of time.

Choose RingCentral for optimized customer experiences

Keeping up with innovation is inherent to providing the type of experiences customers demand. It allows your business to leverage the full capabilities of intelligent connected experiences.

The RingCentral Customer Experience  portfolio is one of the most advanced communications systems available. It continues to incorporate new features like these to support contact center agents in their efforts to serve customers. Empower your agents and boost productivity and call effectiveness.

Learn more by requesting a demo today!

Originally published Apr 19, 2023, updated Nov 28, 2023

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