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RingCentral Office - Now Available in the UK!


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Many firms have turned to cloud computing technologies to streamline their business applications and work more flexibly. Telephony is no exception. The power to unify telephone communications with nothing more than an internet connection really closes the gap between small businesses and their big-spender counterparts.

RingCentral enables any business to run a world-class telephone system with no extra equipment, no set-up hassle and no complicated interfaces to get to grips with. The professional and flexible call handling abilities of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) open up the potential for even the smallest of businesses to compete with bigger players in their industry.

Tens of thousands of RingCentral Office subscribers in the US and Canada are already taking advantage of hosted VoIP – and now RingCentral business phone service has come to the UK.

Let’s look at a range of common customer profiles to appreciate the flexibility of this technology:

A mobile professional with a small office
A business owner who works regularly on customer premises will often miss calls made to his/her office number. RingCentral provides call forwarding features such as Follow Me and Find Me to ensure calls can always be picked up, no matter where a user happens to be at the time. Responding to voicemail also becomes location-independent, as voicemails may be accessed via email, the RingCentral mobile app and the web.

A small business operating from a number of remote locations
RingCentral enables a business to operate from a single 0800, 0845 or local number. With customised auto-attendant menus, customers no longer need to dial different numbers or go through a manual switchboard in order to reach the part of the business they are looking for. A virtual switchboard takes care of everything and allows a business to present a more professional image.

A team-based department
Instead of each employee relying on answering calls to his/her own number, hosted management empowers every team member to respond to calls made to a single business number. Customers never get through to engaged numbers when someone is available. This proves very important in sales environments, where you don’t want to miss a potential customer.

In fact, whatever the business requirements, RingCentral’s online control centre – accessed at – makes it easy to configure all features to suit.

Plus, your phone system can easily scale according to your needs. So when it comes to delivering professional and innovative business phone solutions, RingCentral takes size completely out of the equation.

Originally published Aug 08, 2013, updated Jun 19, 2024

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