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One easy change made a world of difference for this real estate firm

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In an industry often characterized by environmentally destructive practices, redT Homes is bringing a unique approach to real estate development and homebuilding. The Denver-based company is on a mission to create and sell eco-friendly condos, townhomes, and single-family residences—to improve the health of Colorado families and make the world more sustainable.

This philosophy has proven so successful with developers and investors in the area that redT has been increasing its staff rapidly—by more than 60% in 2021 alone. But to support this pace of growth, the company had to reexamine its IT communications infrastructure.

With one easy switch to an all-in-one cloud communications platform, redT saw real, positive changes in their business.

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Streamlined communications: From 5 platforms down to 1

Mike Bulin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, explains that before moving to RingCentral, redT was using an outdated on-prem phone system. Employees were also using several different apps for team messaging and video calls, which only added to the challenge of keeping the fast-growing organization connected.

His team solved those challenges—and created significant operational improvements—when they migrated the entire company to the cloud-based RingCentral MVP, with messaging, video, and phone in one unified app.

“Because the RingCentral app is so intuitive, and because RingCentral’s training was terrific, we had 100% adoption across the company pretty much immediately when we went live,” he says. “That meant we had everyone communicating through one shared environment, not five.”

With the RingCentral app on their personal cell phones, Mike notes, redT’s employees had more mobility than ever—and were able to improve responsiveness to each other and to clients. Additionally, he notes, RingCentral provided redT another key business advantage immediately.

“Rather than giving out their personal cell numbers, our reps are now able to communicate with clients using their business numbers on the RingCentral mobile app, even when they’re on the road. That means we can keep all leads within the redT communications environment—and maintain those prospect relationships even if a sales rep leaves.”

“I’m extremely grateful to RingCentral. Both for being there for us each day and for giving [us] the tools we’ll need to scale and grow successfully.”

Mike Bulin, VP of Sales & Marketing, redT Homes

More dynamic, polished meetings with built-in video conferencing

In addition to anywhere, any-device business phone access, redT’s employees are using the RingCentral mobile app to improve their workflows with the other built-in tools. As Mike explains, the company uses RingCentral Video to enrich external presentations.

“It’s ideal for client and partner presentations when we can’t meet face-to-face because we can easily host those meetings from anywhere and we can share our screen to walk partners through our presentation materials.” 

Here’s how screen sharing looks in RingCentral Video:

The staff also uses the built-in RingCentral Team Messaging platform to keep everyone feeling part of the team. “One of our employees makes gourmet coffee each morning for everyone in the office, and when it’s ready he’ll send a message out on our RingCentral office group. Then, we all come running.”

Increased marketing ROI, thanks to CRM integration

Mike also points out that by implementing the RingCentral for Salesforce integration, his marketing department can more closely and accurately track the success rates of various campaigns—and use those insights to deploy budget more effectively to the campaigns that are succeeding.

“The RingCentral for Salesforce integration is invaluable for helping us monitor our marketing campaigns are working. We assign new phone numbers through RingCentral to each campaign, and when those leads come in, they go straight into our Salesforce environment. That lets us track which campaigns are working and which aren’t—something we weren’t able to do with our old phone system.”

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A true technology partner—not just a vendor

redT is experiencing such significant operational improvements with RingCentral, Mike notes, that his team would have been willing to go through a challenging implementation to make it happen. But they didn’t have to, he explains—because the RingCentral team went out of their way to make the transition smooth and painless.

“Our RingCentral sales rep listened carefully to our goals and helped us design a system that did exactly what we needed—and could scale easily for us over time. Then our project manager took the time to diligently walk us through our implementation and help us train our staff. Also, RingCentral’s support team has always been there when we’ve run into hurdles.”

“I’m extremely grateful to RingCentral,” he says, “both for being there for us each day and for giving redT the tools we’ll need to scale and grow successfully.”

Originally published Jan 28, 2022, updated Dec 30, 2022

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