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This healthcare business found new ways to connect a global team

RingCentral for healthcare


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“We reviewed the cloud telephony systems on the market, and RingCentral was clearly the solution with the best global capabilities.”

Rommel Ragasa, VP of Admin & Business Development, Phoenix Virtual Solutions

With operating costs rising for US healthcare providers year after year, many are turning to offshore virtual assistants to help scale their businesses and increase their productivity—while keeping their budgets under control. One of the most sought-after providers of virtual assistants to the US healthcare industry is Phoenix Virtual Solutions.

Phoenix has earned the trust of medical organizations across the United States largely on the industry experience of the company’s executive team (which collectively has over 75 years in US healthcare management roles) and the quality and professionalism of the virtual assistants they recruit and place.

But as Phoenix’s senior leadership team will tell you, another secret to the company’s success is that they selected the right cloud communications solution to manage and scale their fast-moving, global organization.

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A global company needs a global phone system

Phoenix maintains administrative offices in California, Nevada, and the Philippines. The company’s healthcare clients—from single-physician practices to large laboratories and other specialty medical organizations—are located throughout the United States and Australia. And Phoenix’s recruiting team has hired hundreds of virtual assistants based all over the world.

For such a geographically distributed organization to operate efficiently and effectively, Phoenix needed a unified global phone system that could keep the company’s administrative staff, management team, clients, and remote virtual assistants seamlessly connected wherever they happened to be.

Rommel Ragasa, Phoenix’s VP of Admin and Business Development, explains that RingCentral was the obvious choice. “We reviewed the cloud telephony systems on the market, and RingCentral was clearly the solution with the best global capabilities. RingCentral itself even has corporate offices in the Philippines.”

Three contact center representatives
Learn more about Phoenix Virtual Solutions and how they use RingCentral

Hiring remotely has never been easier

As Rommel points out, one of the most significant advantages of RingCentral is how much it has streamlined the process of integrating newly hired virtual assistants with a Phoenix phone number they can access from anywhere and inclusion in the companywide directory. 

“From a telecom standpoint, RingCentral is making it easy for us to add hundreds of virtual assistants worldwide to our network. No matter where these assistants are, if they have a computer or smartphone, we can set them up in our global phone environment within a few minutes.”

Better conversations lead to better hires

In addition to using the RingCentral apps on their computers and smartphones to make and receive business calls, Rommel explains, Phoenix’s employees also use the apps’ built-in RingCentral Video feature.

Besides enabling face-to-face video conferencing anytime among the company’s staff and managers—even if they’re on different continents—the video conferencing tool is also helping Phoenix’s recruiting staff have deeper, more meaningful conversations with job candidates. And switching from voice calls to video chats is easy as pie with RingCentral: 

RingCentral Phone and Video

“Our recruiters really benefit from seeing the candidates, and speaking with them face-to-face, as opposed to just hearing their voices over a phone call,” says Rommel. “RingCentral Video is definitely helping us make better recruiting and hiring decisions.”

RingCentral kept staff connected through lockdowns

Ironically, although Phoenix’s business model is built around providing remote professionals to help US healthcare providers, the company itself has always operated with an administrative staff largely working in one of the company’s offices. And as Rommel explains, before COVID, the company hadn’t devoted much time to thinking about how its global staff would function if they had to work remotely as well.

 But when the 2020 pandemic led to government-mandated shutdowns of the company’s US and Philippines offices, Phoenix was ready for the transition.

 “What COVID showed us was that we could all suddenly have to leave the office and set up our working lives somewhere else. And because we all had RingCentral apps on our laptops and phones, we made that transition as a company without missing a beat.”

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Originally published Oct 07, 2021, updated Dec 30, 2022

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