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Lindamood-Bell Chooses RingCentral to Seamlessly Integrate 100 Locations with RingCentral for Google for Work


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lindamood bell Since 1986, Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes has helped children and adults strengthen sensory-cognitive functions and has helped individual overcome learning challenges including dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, central auditory processing disorders, and autism spectrum disorders. Lindamood-Bell hosts private sessions at its learning centers to help students improve their skills. The company has learning centers across 25 states in the United States as well as international locations in Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

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The employees at Lindamood-Bell began using Google Chromebook computers a few years ago as a cost-effective cloud computing solution. In addition, the company migrated other business services to the cloud and chose a RingCentral communications system. With RingCentral for Google, Lindamood-Bell was able to integrate RingCentral Office with their Google ecosystem and optimize communications.

Justin Watty, Associate Director of Information Technology, finds that having RingCentral integrated with Google is beneficial because it gives Lindamood-Bell employees more functionality than they have ever had.

The IT staff at Lindamood-Bell wanted a solution that would make employees’ lives easier. RingCentral’s user-friendly system has increased efficiency in communication for both the users and for the administrators. Features such as call forwarding and call groups ensure that customers can reach the correct employees and receive the help they need. Users have the ability to manage their own settings, without requesting support from the IT staff.

During the summer months, Lindamood-Bell increases the number of learning center locations from 60 to 100. Prior to using RingCentral, these seasonal locations would be assigned cell phones, leaving customers without a constant point of contact.

Because calls can be transferred or reached by extension through the company’s main number, Lindamood-Bell customers now have consistency when contacting learning centers, regardless of the season. RingCentral has provided seamless integration that minimizes user support issues and saves the limited IT staff valuable time.

From an administrative perspective, RingCentral has provided Lindamood-Bell with reliable solution that gives the IT staff piece of mind. Watty and his team will be able to set up seasonal locations as well as satellite offices with ease. Users now have the flexibility and freedom to remain reachable to customers as well as colleagues through the Google integration, regardless of their location.

With just an internet connection our users can essentially have their office needs met. RingCentral is fundamentally different than anything Lindamood-Bell has ever had before. As Watty and his colleagues at Lindamood-Bell continue to use RingCentral, they find new features and functions that help improve their communications every day.

Originally published Dec 02, 2015, updated Sep 17, 2021

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