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How next-gen solutions are driving a new era of productivity

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  • Next-gen tools will improve worker mobility and productivity and deliver great end-user experiences for all
  • Organizations are using our highly visual and customizable analytics tools to identify trends, spot opportunities, and address bottlenecks
  • RingCentral customers are leveraging intelligent capabilities like AI and automation to improve interactions for customers and workers alike
  • Using an open platform with APIs and integrations allows workers to do more by bringing the apps that we depend on into the RingCentral app

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In the last couple of years, we’ve seen unprecedented changes in how people work and the tools they need to get the job done. For decision-makers charged with defining this new era of work, Enterprise Connect is a must-attend event for exploring the challenges facing today’s companies as well as the innovations that will help organizations drive their best results yet.

Here at RingCentral, we’re relentlessly focused on helping people work better together, with new AI-driven features and exciting integrations that connect our award-winning messaging, video, and phone platform with other business tools workers use every day.

RingCentral Theater at Enterprise Connect 2022

At the RingCentral Theater at Enterprise Connect 2022, we were excited to highlight these advances—and also to talk about how our vertical solutions and global service provider and ISV partnerships provide an edge—via 48 power-packed sessions presented over three days.

There’s so much you won’t want to miss when it comes to learning about next-gen tools that will improve worker mobility and productivity, and deliver great end-user experiences for all.

Here are some highlights you won’t want to miss from our Innovation track, in which we explored specific features and innovations that are propelling value for our customers. You’ll also want to catch key discussions from our Partnerships track, in which we looked at how organizations are driving even better results via our relationships with global hardware, software, and telecom partners, and our Solutions track, which explored key benefits for specific industry verticals.

Innovation track highlights

Jump-starting greater value and better results from your communication tools starts with conversations like the ones we had at Enterprise Connect. Get caught up now with these Innovation track highlights, and learn how companies are pushing the envelope using innovative new communications capabilities.

Next-generation business analytics for UCaaS

Enterprises have been talking about the power of analytics for years now, but when it comes to communications systems, real-time and historical performance data is still an underused asset.

When it comes to selecting a UCaaS solution, far too many organizations don’t probe deep enough into the capabilities or consider the full potential for what they can achieve with robust insights. That’s probably why so many solutions come up short. For example, in this session, we presented the recent survey finding that 97% of IT admins need more detailed information to be able to troubleshoot issues.

But optimizing system performance and addressing technical issues is just the tip of the iceberg for what companies can achieve when business and IT decision-makers have next-gen analytics at their fingertips.

In this session, Keith Renison, RingCentral’s Senior Product Marketing Manager for Analytics, looked at some of the differentiators that have helped 70% of RingCentral’s enterprise customers solve key business problems and drive better results and value using real-time and historical performance data.

Watch the recap now to hear about some real-life use cases from organizations that are using our highly visual and customizable analytics tools to identify trends, spot opportunities, and address bottlenecks, unleashing better performance.

Transforming EX and CX with AI and automation

When it comes to digital interactions, there remain some big gaps between what customers want (and businesses want to deliver) and the reality.

For example, more than half of companies believe that a significant proportion of customer service interactions will shift to self-service handling in the near future, and believe that AI and automation will pave the way to this modernization. And given the current state of phone service channels—which often requires having to deal with multiple agents and explain the problem or request multiple times—81% of consumers prefer to start with digital too.

But according to data presented at Enterprise Connect by Mark Vogel, RingCentral’s Senior Product Marketing Manager for CX, we’re still a long way off from achieving the vision of self-serve digital channels as a one-stop-shop. Currently nearly three-quarters of businesses say their digital interactions frequently need to be escalated to an agent for resolution.

The key to bridging this gap? The increasingly sophisticated capabilities of AI and automation.

There are a number of ways intelligent capabilities are poised to move the needle on delivering the types of interactions both businesses and their customers want:

  • Conversational AI leverages natural language processing and understanding to get to the heart of customer needs—without having to transfer to a live agent
  • When a query or issue exceeds a bot’s capabilities, AI-powered smart routing connects customers to the best possible agent to meet the specific need, reducing time spent on calls and the number of conversations required to achieve a resolution.
  • AI-based coaching tools use keyword and sentiment data from customer conversations to automatically provide agents with insights they need to address queries quickly and to customers’ satisfaction.

These capabilities are driving improvements right across the customer journey. They’re also improving the employee experience by empowering workers to be more impactful and productive in their roles.

Watch the recap of this session now to learn how AI and automation are improving interactions for customers and workers alike and some of the ways actual RingCentral customers are raising the bar using intelligent capabilities.

Do more with an Open Platform and a full API portfolio

The abundance of business apps may be a boon for getting work done—but many businesses are discovering that tool overload is also a productivity thief: 69% of workers lose an hour every single day just toggling between the various apps they need to do their jobs.

At the same time, growing customer demands—for example, the majority of consumers with positive perceptions of businesses that offer SMS or social media as channels—mean that toolbox just keeps growing.

In our open platform session, RingCentral’s Senior Manager of Platform Marketing Jeff Rogers explored how using an open platform with APIs and integrations allows workers to do more—by bringing the apps that we depend on into the RingCentral app.

RingCentral Add-ins allow organizations to bring the core functionalities of your favorite business apps, from Jira to Trello to Aha! to Google Drive, with ready-to-go installations, or to customize their own. 

In this recap, you’ll learn about new RingCentral Add-ins, which allow workers to complete tasks right from the RingCentral app and provide exciting new capabilities to businesses. You’ll hear some innovative customer use cases and learn how easy it is to do more with our open platform—without burdening employees with more apps or work.

More innovations on the way

There’s a lot going on at RingCentral—and many more innovations on the way that will enable better employee and customer experiences and continue propelling value for our customers. The future of next-gen solutions means leveraging intelligent capabilities to propel greater value and better results from your communication tools.

Check out these photos from our awesome Enterprise Connect booth, and we’ll see you next year!

Originally published May 16, 2022, updated Nov 03, 2023

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