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Exciting new Add-ins help you do more—while reducing burnout—with RingCentral

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  • While business apps enable key workflows, toggling between multiple digital tools wastes time to the tune of one hour a day for most employees.
  • RingCentral Add-ins are easy-to-install integrations that bring the apps you depend on directly into the RingCentral app.
  • Aha!, Github, Google Drive, Google Forms, Jira, and Trello are among the newest Add-ins available for RingCentral.

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Find out why business communications and applications are a match made in heaven


From project management integrations to apps for conducting polls, we have more business tools at our disposal than ever before. But while having dedicated apps for specific tasks can make some parts of work easier, the sheer abundance may, in fact, be too much of a good thing.

For workers at large companies, the tech footprint in recent years has surged to 10 or more business apps per employee. And while these tools may provide important functionalities and enable key workstreams, they come with a significant downside.

The cost of app overload

There’s no disputing the usefulness of the many business apps companies are using today to enable both office-based and hybrid work. But each app typically has its own login, functionalities, and look and feel—and this makes switching apps to perform various tasks more onerous than you might expect.

According to RingCentral research, 69% of employees waste up to an hour each day switching between apps. And that daily time suck adds up fast, to the equivalent of 32 workdays a year.

Sound like a lot? It’s not when you consider that each time you switch apps, you have to reorient yourself to the tool you’re using in order to maintain context and momentum. And with the growing incidence of worker burnout, the risks of inefficiencies due to app overload are far greater than just lost time.

Bringing the apps you depend on into the RingCentral app

Here at RingCentral, we’re all about delivering great communication and collaboration tools to businesses. But at our core, we’re really about making work simpler and more impactful.

This mission doesn’t stop with our award-winning messaging, video, and phone solution. In fact, we’re relentlessly focused on enabling workers to do even more with RingCentral to unleash better results and make time spent at work more valuable—with less lift and less wasted time.

While our app gallery contains 300-plus ready-to-use integrations with popular business apps such as Salesforce and Microsoft Outlook, our new Add-ins represent a new way to bring all your must-use tools right into the RingCentral app.

Whether it’s streamlining the process of collecting signatures, capturing engineering tasks, or other key workflows, Add-ins allow you to add functionalities right into the messaging app so that workers can perform these tasks without toggling to another solution. This doesn’t just reduce wasted time—it allows employees to respond to items that need their attention right in the moment, keeping the momentum from messaging conversations on high.

What you can do with RingCentral Add-ins

Add-ins are designed to be efficient, adaptive, and collaborative so that you can quickly start seeing the value from integrated and customized workflows.

Our Add-in App Gallery offers easy installation of many apps that are likely already in your team’s toolbox, the ability to customize workflows with bots and interactive messages, and the ability to embed a variety of content leveraging the Adaptive Card Framework.

From marketing to engineering, there are Add-ins available to support all types of teams. And Add-ins keep getting better because we keep rolling out more apps and developer functionality. Today, RingCentral Add-ins include apps for Aha!, Akazio, BeRemote, Bridge OC, Bugsnag, GitHub, Google Drive, Google Forms, Jira (Cloud and On-Prem), KeeperAI, Poll bot, RSI (Shadow Bot), Trello, and Workday. In Q2, RingCentral will release new apps for Asana, Hubspot, and many more from our developer community.

An image depicting RingCentral Add-ins.

RingCentral is our communication glue within the organization. We’ve integrated our own platform and developed real time alerts. We’re now using features such as the new Add-in Poll bot—a critical tool to help us scale our collaboration and improve our efficiency.

—Sidney Ong, Head of Business Applications at BirdEye, the all-in-one software for businesses to grow their revenue

Unlock new ways to work in RingCentral

Undoubtedly, the abundance of business apps has made many tasks and workflows easier and more efficient than ever before. But the many apps in use create their own slog and drain workers’ time and energy due to the need to keep switching tools throughout the day.

RingCentral Add-ins bring these key functionalities right into the RingCentral app, allowing teams to get more done while you’re collaborating with your teammates. We’re excited to bring these new Add-ins to market and to help teams unlock new ways to get more done together.

Check out RingCentral Add-ins and get started driving better work efficiency and productivity now.

Originally published Apr 20, 2022, updated Dec 30, 2022

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