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Sometimes simpler is simply better. While having all the “bells and whistles” is nice, it’s not necessary in all situations. Simplicity doesn’t mean lack of features and capabilities, but rather, lack of complexity. Getting the right features for your specific needs is generally a better bet than purchasing a more complex product or solution that is harder to use. 

This became clear to me when I was car shopping a few years ago. I was drawn to a high-end model, with a fancy “heads up” display and lots of other gadgets and gizmos. While test driving the car, both the dealer and I realized that those features were more complicated than what I needed and would even cause distraction while driving. I went with the model that was better suited for me, providing just the right level of functionality at a lower price.

This same idea applies to contact center and CX solutions. Sometimes simpler is better. A solution with the right feature set without unnecessary complexity that is easy to deploy can be a better option than full-blown products with 500+ features and increased complexity. For many organizations, a contact center solution that offers the key capabilities in a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy solution is the right choice to enhance their customer service operations. 

RingCX – Simple, yet feature rich

That’s why RingCentral introduced RingCX, which fills the gap between comprehensive functionality and cost-effectiveness. RingCX is a native, omnichannel, intelligent CCaaS solution for simple use cases aimed at organizations that may have limited or restrained resources yet require the tools and technologies to provide optimal customer service experiences. It provides voice, video, and 20+ digital channels, in addition to reporting and analytics, outbound calling, and even workforce engagement (WEM) capabilities such as Quality Management and Conversational Insights. Voice, video, social media, SMS, email, and more are provided in one unified, easy-to-use interface. With Integration to RingCentral MVP, agents can quickly connect to experts outside of the CX team.

In today’s world, you can’t have a modern CCaaS solution without AI functionality. RingCX is powered by RingSense, RingCentral’s AI platform, providing a range of AI capabilities, such as Real-time Summaries, Virtual Agent, and Agent Assist. AI features are delivered from within the RingCX agent desktop, making these capabilities accessible to companies that want to deploy AI without the heavy lift or expense. AI can be used throughout the customer journey – from intelligent virtual agents at the start of an interaction, to live agent coaching guidance during an interaction, to call transcription and summaries after the interaction.

Simple deployment

Simplicity also means easy to purchase, deploy, and support. RingCX runs natively on RingCentral’s global telephony platform offering reliability, availability, and scalability, with a single vendor to simplify deployment, billing, and support processes. 

Many traditional contact center – and even CCaaS solutions – require dedicated IT support and resources and are time consuming and complex to set up. With simplified pricing, packaging, and deployment, RingCX can be ready to use in hours or days, not months, removing the anxiety for organizations that are resource constrained. CX admins can make system changes without requiring IT resources.

Simplicity for supervisors

Supervisor effort is reduced through automated Quality Management and Conversation Analytics via RingSense AI. Supervisors don’t have to score manually, as it’s automatically done for them. They can drill down to see eight levels, including agent scores, patience level, sentiment, and more to see how each agent fared. Supervisors can listen to conversation and provide feedback to the agent and find coaching moments to improve agent performance. This helps save supervisors’ time so they can focus on other things.


Confucius once said, “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” The same is true for contact centers. Sometimes simplicity is simply better.

Originally published Jan 10, 2024

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