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RingCentral Events


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RingCentral is thrilled to officially announce the global availability of RingCentral Events, our new events solution designed for creating professional-quality looking experiences (in an effortless way), yet highly engaging. This solution goes beyond online hosting to support any event you throw: virtual, hybrid, and even onsite experiences. Read the full press release here.

RingCentral Events completes our portfolio for offering delightful, engaging experiences for events. With RingCentral Webinar, webinars made as simple as meetings, which can be used from lead generation, to sales trainings, to town halls. With RingCentral Events, you can effortless craft expert events like sales kickoffs, industry summits, tech conferences, and more.

RingCentral Events came as a part of our recent asset acquisition from Hopin: a real trailblazer and well-renowned in the events space. We’re excited to bring a powerful, highly engaging product to our customers!

What sets RingCentral Events apart

1. An affordable pricing model that disrupts the status quo

If you’re in the events game, you know how costly the tech can get. RingCentral Events is here to change that with pricing as low as $750 per license per year—and this tier allows events for up to 100 attendees! From there, we offer tiered pricing based on the number of attendees you expect to welcome. Plus, you can host unlimited events without any overage charges or other surprise nickel-and-diming. No matter the tier you choose, RingCentral Events offers comprehensive event hosting tools for virtual, hybrid, and even onsite hosting.

2. A complete, virtual venue for events of all types & sizes 

RingCentral Events UI

RingCentral Events includes a complete, virtual venue that encompasses everything you’d envision when attending a live conference. You have the flexibility to run single-day, simple events, to running multi-day, multi-track events.

This includes:

  • Reception – the welcome reception area where you can find the event description and schedule
  • Stage – think of this as the main stage, or keynotes where all attendees join and watch
  • Sessions – concurrent sessions that can be used for different tracks or topics during the event. Think of this as like when you have to decide between multiple sessions happening at the same time
  • Network – find other attendees and establish connections. We also offer a speed networking option to meet random attendees 1:1!
  • Expo – sponsors and exhibitors can set up their virtual booths, with resources to promote their brand or products. If the event doesn’t have sponsors, you can even choose to use this as a resource center.
  • Replay – where recorded sessions are uploaded for attendees to watch later

This entire venue can serve as a comprehensive pre, during, and post-event experience. It’s pre-configured for early access, enabling attendees to set up meetings and get a sneak peek of the agenda. Additionally, it remains available post-event, allowing attendees to continue networking and rewatch recordings.

3. Professional, studio-quality event production

RingCentral Events production

RingCentral Events has a built-in backstage broadcasting studio, allowing you to run professional looking, perfectly crafted events.

Here, you can choose amongst various video layouts and configurations, add/or remove video streams on the fly, upload pre-recorded video files, and customize your broadcast by adding backgrounds and colors. 

If you don’t want to use the broadcasting studio, you can also choose to stream to the stage via RTMP.

4. Fully customizable setup – branding, registration, ticketing, and more

RingCentral Events customizable branding

RingCentral Events provides tools for the seamless, guided setup of any event, including more complex experiences. Customize the look, feel, and accessibility of your events with branding, registration, and ticketing capabilities including:

  • Fully branded and customizable registration page and emails
  • Custom themes and templates to design your event
  • Support for 3rd party registration
  • Free, paid, or private tickets in 135+ currencies

Centralize campaign and attendee management and easily create, track, and manage campaign UTM codes in your dashboard to drive registration. Then manage your ticket sales, promos, waitlists, and attendee registrations all from the same dashboard.

5. Engagement tools that bring events to life for any attendee

RingCentral Events engagement tools

With RingCentral Events, we want to make events fun & engaging, having attendees wanting to leave feeling inspired and come back for more. Throughout the event platform, organizers can interact with attendees through a variety of means, including polls, surveys, Q&A and chat (with emoji reactions).

Better yet, we add on to this experience through an additional layer of gamification through our 3rd party integrations. For example:

  • Kahoot – to play learning game, run quizzes, and more
  • vSpace by Validar – gamification through a leaderboard that rewards content consumption, exhibitor engagement, and more.
  • Slido – for additional live Q&A and polling capabilities
  • Miro – adding interactive whiteboards to your events.

6. 40+ app and data integrations for better experiences and event marketing 

RingCentral Events app integrations

With RingCentral Events, the sky’s the limit for infusing events with your own touches. With over 40 events integrations in our app store, you can make just about anything happen for your attendees with ease. 

And it’s not just the attendees who will love the integrations! There are also powerful marketing tools to keep track of customer journeys and communications: Marketo, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Pardot, Active Campaign, Cvent, and more.

7. Tools for hybrid and onsite events, too!

RingCentral Events QR checkin feature

RingCentral Events has tools for so much more than simple online events. Our cloud-based features give organizers the flexibility to run virtual, hybrid, and onsite events of any size and complexity. Features to assist with onsite and hybrid events include:

  • Adding floor plans
  • Check-in areas & access control
  • Kiosk mode for self check-in
  • Badge printing and design capabilities
  • Signatures
  • Lead retrieval (available as an add-on)

8. Post-event analytics

RingCentral Events attendee analytics

After the event is over, event organizers get a view of an entire analytics dashboard that includes information on attendance, attendee score (based on surveys), and attendee interaction (such as at expos, chat, etc.)

New AI coming soon: Simplify event management and free up time

1. Keep Q&A organized with smart, auto-categorized Q&A

AI-powered Q&A for RingCentral Events

AI will automatically categorize questions, allowing organizers to more easily answer questions in a more thematic manner and keep related questions together. Coming in late 2023.

2. Craft infinitely creative copy with AI Writer

Instantly generate engaging content, from snappy titles and descriptions, to email templates and schedules, in seconds. Coming in early 2024.

3. Make social sharing easy with AI-generated clips

AI-powered Smart Editor identifies key highlights across your event and produces ready-to share clips that are optimized for social sharing. Coming early 2024.

RingCentral Events: AI-powered experiences for any audience

Whether it’s virtual, hybrid, or onsite events, RingCentral Events is a comprehensive solution that combines affordability, versatility, and professional-quality production. With AI-enhanced features, customizable setups, engaging tools, and seamless integration options, we offer an all-in-one solution that simplifies event management and captivates attendees.

As we look ahead, we’re excited to bring the power of RingCentral’s RingSense AI platform to elevate event marketing and orchestration even further. With RingCentral Events, you have a partner that understands the evolving landscape of events and is committed to helping you deliver memorable and impactful experiences. Learn more about the future of event marketing at

Originally published Nov 14, 2023, updated Jan 11, 2024

RingCentral Events: The key to effortless experiences 

Take a guided product tour of RingCentral Events!

We’ll show you around the entire virtual venue.

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