Carvana, an online platform for buying and selling cars, offers its customers an easy and frictionless experience for purchasing a vehicle. Carvana takes a very innovative approach by selling cars 100% online, without a “brick and mortar” car lot. It does, however, enhance the car buying process with a vending machine. Yes, you will have to see it to believe it.


Carvana chose RingCentral as its business communications solution, in part, because RingCentral’s philosophy is to deliver a simple, unified experience to the customer.

By moving its business communications to the RingCentral’s cloud-based platform, Carvana’s IT group can now focus on all technology related to the business of buying and selling cars online. Running its CRM and related applications in the cloud allows Carvana to easily integrate RingCentral with Okta and Salesforce.

Over 50% of Carvana’s workforce is on the road all day, and a mobile device is the communications lifeline with co-workers and customers. Staying connected from any device, anywhere, anytime is simple with the RingCentral mobile app. And because RingCentral scales easily, that enables Carvana to extend its reach across the enterprise seamlessly to support its rapid expansion across the US. And down the road, when Carvana expands globally, RingCentral’s global network of data centers spanning four regions will enable and enhance the company’s international reach.

Although RingCentral and Carvana serve different users, we share common roots: We were born in the cloud and deliver innovations that help customers accomplish what they want to do in less time. It might sound inconsequential, but when one adds up the minutes—and hours—saved each day, both workforces and consumers benefit tremendously.