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How businesses are saving time and money with call center technology

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: cloud-based call center technology saves time and money for businesses of any size. And we have three examples of companies that prove it every day.  

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In this blog post, you’ll get a deep dive into how three small and mid-sized businesses (across various industries) are boosting customer satisfaction and productivity, while reducing operational costs, with RingCentral Contact Center™.

Porch is saving money and time with a unified solution

Porch is a home services company based in Seattle with 201–500 employees. Before the company switched to RingCentral’s unified solution, employees constantly switched back and forth between various apps. Porch was juggling various tools from multiple vendors.  

The communications landscape was messy and needed an overhaul. In addition, the company’s cloud-based call center was consistently dropping calls, causing a lot of headaches and frustration. 

Porch was looking for an advanced platform to meet all its communications needs, including a seamless integration with Salesforce. The goal was to find one vendor with a reliable solution to replace Porch’s legacy phone system and call center.

That was a tall order, but RingCentral was more than up to the challenge. Straight off the bat, Porch was able to integrate RingCentral with Salesforce, which allowed the team to make calls directly from the CRM.

Every team at Porch (except one team in the field) uses RingCentral Contact Center. A key benefit of RingCentral Contact Center is that employees and customers can communicate with their preferred channel of choice. For example, some professionals who utilize the Porch service prefer using their cell phones to communicate, while others prefer two-way SMS. RingCentral makes it easy to communicate across any channel, whether through phone calls, SMS, messaging, video calls, social media, and more.

The company also uses RingCentral Contact Center’s callback feature to improve customer hold times. When hold times are long, callers now have the option to leave a callback number, hold their place in line, and have the system call when an agent is available—this has become a game-changer and makes long hold times a thing of the past. 

RingCentral’s industry-leading unified communications solution was everything Porch was searching for—and at a cost that’s 25% less than what the company was previously paying. With features like omnichannel flexibility, self-service capabilities, intelligent voicemail routing, and 24/7 customer support, RingCentral ticks all the boxes for Porch. 

“RingCentral’s support after the sale is very good. Our sales manager is always available and reaching out to us.”

Ankur Pradhan, Senior Salesforce Developer at Porch

Peninsula is spotting sales opportunities with analytics

Peninsula is an employee management consultancy with 201–500 employees. The company was growing rapidly and needed a contact center solution that could manage incoming call volumes and maintain its high standard of customer service.

Being a data-driven company, Peninsula was on the hunt for a robust contact center that could deliver real-time analytics to improve staffing, operations, and sales.

Omer Subedar, IT Manager at Peninsula, and his team investigated many contact center solutions, including big-name providers. “Most offered roughly the same functionality,” he explained. “But the data analytics and reporting capabilities with RingCentral Contact Center held a lot of potential for key business intelligence.” 

The company had already begun using RingCentral MVP™ as the cloud phone solution for some of its back-office staff—in IT, finance, and marketing to name a few. “We were impressed with what we’d already seen from the RingCentral product, so we decided to go with Contact Center as well.” 

One of the biggest benefits Peninsula gets with RingCentral Contact Center is the ability to use valuable data to identify trends, spot opportunities, and optimize workflows for both its sales and service staff.

RingCentral Contact Center reporting dashboard

Peninsula is discovering actionable insights on the sales side as well. “All of our salespeople are using Contact Center,” said Stephanie Jones, Marketing Manager at Peninsula. “What’s great about this is that it allows us to track all of a salesperson’s communications with prospects and customers, which we can then analyze to uncover trends and patterns—to learn what’s working and what isn’t.”

“The data we learned from Contact Center quickly proved so effective that we decided to give every client- and prospect-facing employee a Contact Center license. Everyone in sales, support, and even some of our marketing team uses RingCentral Contact Center—well over 150 people across the company.”

Stephanie Jones, Marketing Manager at Peninsula

NADA easily moved their contact center to the cloud

The National Automobile Dealer’s Association (NADA) is the largest trade association representing franchised new car dealerships across the United States. 

Before upgrading to RingCentral Contact Center, NADA used a dated on-premises voice over IP (VoIP) system that caused too many issues and headaches. As the company was forced to go remote amid the pandemic, they were able to deploy RingCentral’s cloud-based contact center without a hitch and support their workforce to work from anywhere.

How to find a cloud provider you can trust

NADA turned to RingCentral’s cloud-based contact center for their inbound call center and click-to-chat website application. In addition, the company was able to improve its flow of work by integrating RingCentral Contact Center directly into its IT infrastructure, including Microsoft 365. 

Catering to a new remote workforce was easier than ever—with RingCentral’s remote access, every employee was given the ability to work from anywhere instantly. NADA was able to keep business up and running uninterrupted as they made major moves to a remote work model and a cloud-based contact center solution.

If we could enable our staff to be more nimble, efficient, and effective in our mission of servicing our members, we wouldn’t be limited by a building. RingCentral was one of those steps in us being able to get the work done from anywhere on any device.

Rafael Maldonado, Vice President and CIO at NADA

Get your hands on the right call center technology 

Businesses of all sizes are reaping the benefits of call center technology. RingCentral offered Porch, Peninsula, and NADA access to advanced call center features and analytics to help take their businesses to the next level. 

If you’re tired of worrying about voice quality, long wait times, limitations, or lack of reporting, then it’s time to upgrade to RingCentral Contact Center. Start connecting with your customers on any channel, at any time, and resolve issues faster. 

Start saving time and money with RingCentral by your side. 

Originally published Feb 25, 2022, updated Jan 16, 2024

Work together from anywhere with messaging, video conferencing, and phone calls—all in a single platform.

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