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The secret to keeping your employees and customers happy

keeping your employees and customers happy -- happy employee


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Every business wants to have happy employees and customers, and there are many ways to go about achieving this goal. To some extent, offering perks like discounts to customers and attractive benefits to employees will keep them happy, at least for a while. 

In the long run, however, free stuff is not enough to deliver satisfaction and the feeling that you’re in the right place at the right time for the right reasons. It takes more than a few perks to create both satisfied customers and engaged employees, but companies that do this put themselves in an advantageous position.

Although the needs of customers and employees can be very different, there are some commonalities to be found.

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What do employees and customers want in common?

While employees want a chance to do meaningful work and get paid for it and customers want an exceptional product or service, both employees and customers want something that’s very much the same: technology that works the way it’s supposed to and makes their lives easier.

In particular, employees want technology that’s easy to learn and set up. Few things frustrate an employee more than when systems are hard to figure out or they don’t work correctly—we’ve all been there and it’s not fun. When work becomes frustrating rather than fulfilling, employees may be quick to move on to another opportunity.

As for customers, they want a way to get help and support when they need it, without having to jump through hoops. They’re tired of waiting in long wait times and facing dropped calls just to get in touch with a business. 

The consequences of ineffective technology on both employee engagement and customer satisfaction point to one thing: The need for the right tools. Technology that works will often fade into the background, escaping much notice, but when it doesn’t work or is difficult to use, it can lead both employees and customers to seek a better solution.

The power of UCaaS

The great news is that there’s an advanced tool that can facilitate both employee engagement and customer satisfaction. What is it? Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS). UCaaS is an all-in-one communications system, simplifying a company’s communications under one umbrella. 

Calling, messaging, videoconferencing, integrations with existing tools (like Salesforce and Microsoft Teams), and even a contact center are all brought together in one tool that’s used across the company—from team collaboration and employee communications to customer interactions. 

Employees are able to easily communicate with customers and their colleagues without switching back and forth between multiple apps or losing track of important messages. Not only does this improve employee morale and engagement, but it also improves responsiveness to customers and provides a better customer experience.

The versatility of UCaaS

UCaaS systems are versatile, yet as easy to use as the average smartphone. Because it’s cloud-based and doesn’t require extensive installation, a UCaaS system can be implemented and functioning within minutes. 

In addition, these systems can work for both the smallest businesses operating on a shoestring and large enterprise companies with hundreds or thousands of users because they’re easily scalable to any size. So as your business grows, your system grows with it. If you’re a seasonal business that expands to hire many employees at certain times of the year, but typically acts much smaller the rest of the year, this is an ideal solution.

UCaaS systems can handle everything from simple internal communications to multi-location video meetings and a contact center to provide personalized customer service. Even custom-built apps can be integrated into the system and used just as easily within it as any other component. 

Possibilities: How unified communications builds human connections

Moving forward

With RingCentral’s award-winning UCaaS solution, which promises 99.999% uptime (that keeps you connected during outages and disasters) and seven layers of enterprise-grade security, employees will get an easy-to-use system that makes their jobs easier, and customers will get their needs met frictionlessly. 

With customers finding it all too easy to jump ship at the first problem or issue, businesses need every advantage they can get today. Loyalty is no longer a given–it must be earned through responsiveness, effective communication, and the smoothest possible experience for customers and employees.

RingCentral streamlines your communications and helps your entire company run better in the following ways:

  • One vendor will make things easier for you. You can stop managing multiple tools and a big stack of bills. 
  • Automation features reduce process time and create a faster sales cycle, with the same or fewer amount of staff members. 
  • Reduced training time for all employees from IT staff down to receptionists.
  • Better communication happens across the board for both employees and customers with simplified workstreams and stronger reliability.

UCaaS really couldn’t be any simpler and easier for everyone involved—business owners, employees, and customers. RingCentral has been providing UCaaS services to businesses all over the U.S. and the world. Come join the family!

Originally published Feb 18, 2022, updated Dec 30, 2022

Work together from anywhere with messaging, video conferencing, and phone calls—all in a single platform.

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