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Did you know contact center technology can help your business boost efficiency, improve the customer experience, and reduce costs? About 17% of customers walk away after one bad experience, and 59% walk away after two. Those are huge numbers that may scare you, but there’s a solution.

RingCentral offers contact center technology to level up your customer experience and ensure you’re on the right track.

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Why is the customer experience important?

Customer service is essential for small businesses because a great customer experience can keep customers coming back. If a customer has a bad experience with your company just once, they may not be willing to give your company another try.

Effective contact center technology helps companies reduce unnecessary expenses while increasing revenue—the best of both worlds. Another benefit is that you can empower your customer service agents to become more productive, more engaged during customer interactions, and more happy with their work.

The quality of your contact center setup determines, to a large degree, whether your customers receive good customer service. A customer service agent working with dated tools is hard-pressed to provide excellent customer service, whereas an agent working with advanced tools is likely to provide a great customer experience.

With advanced contact center technology by your side, like RingCentral, you can improve your customer experience and grow your business. Here are two success stories of RingCentral customers who are winning customers’ hearts with RingCentral Contact Center™.

Essential Federal Credit Union improves customer satisfaction and efficiencies

Essential Federal Credit Union (a financial institution with 51–200 employees) is an excellent example of how you can improve customer service and save money at the same time. Essential FCU was already using RingCentral MVP™ to make its contact center representatives more available to customers, but as rapid customer growth began, the credit union saw they needed more. Customer service supervisors had no visibility into who was picking up calls, how long those calls lasted, and how satisfied or dissatisfied customers were with their experience.

Without access to detailed contact center reporting and functionality, supervisors were largely in the dark about where to improve in certain areas.

To address the challenge, Essential FCU opted to integrate RingCentral’s contact center solution with its existing RingCentral MVP solution to get better visibility into the credit union’s customer service process.

RingCentral Dial

RingCentral enabled the credit union to support calls in real time, with customer service agents troubleshooting customer issues as they happened. Detailed reporting and analytics enabled Essential FCU to evaluate peak call times, adjust staffing schedules to accommodate the ebb and flow of customer calls, and reallocate resources for better first call resolution rates. The combined power of RingCentral MVP and RingCentral Contact Center helped Essential FCU improve operational efficiency and the customer experience.

“By integrating RingCentral’s call-monitoring and supervisor solutions with Contact Center, we can now also monitor support calls in real time and help fix issues as they occur. This is helping us speed our response times, improve our overall customer experience, and meet our business objectives.”

Catrice Lee, Call Center Manager at Essential FCU

Thompson Law delivers better clients experiences

Thompson Law, a thriving injury law firm, saw early success. Growing from 10 employees to 70 in just two years, the firm quickly saw the need for better support for its clients and more reliable communications for its team members.

Saddled with an unreliable legacy phone system, the firm struggled with downtime that made it impossible to service the growing number of clients calling for help.

When the system was working, Thompson Law still lacked an efficient call routing process, meaning that front desk receptionists were overwhelmed with high call volumes, and clients weren’t getting the level of service they needed. At one point, the law firm tried to address the problem by employing a third-party call center, but the results were not what the firm wanted. It was time to make a more decisive change.

Thompson Law turned to RingCentral’s cloud-based solution for help. The migration to the cloud was seamless, and the firm now enjoys near 100% uptime. With no worries that clients will encounter technical difficulties when contacting the firm, now the team can focus on providing excellent service to its growing client base.

In addition to no more downtime, Thompson Law saw other stellar results with RingCentral by their side. Remote monitoring means the team can retrieve data on everything they need from anywhere at any time. Also, the firm now leverages intelligent call routing that directs clients to the appropriate time right away, providing better and more efficient service and freeing up front desk receptionists to handle other value-added tasks.

RingCentral skills-based routing feature contact center

Reporting and analytics help the team see where calls are going, how they’re handled, and when it may be time to hire more support staff.

A bonus benefit the law firm enjoys is the ability to text from the firm’s business numbers rather than personal numbers, read voicemail transcripts, and receive digital faxes. All these enhancements enable a more efficient operation and a better client experience.

The first benefit we saw immediately: a smooth and easy migration. We were a little worried that switching phone systems might trigger resistance from the staff or disrupt peoples’ workflows. Nope. I’d say within a week or so, everyone was comfortably up and running on the RingCentral cloud solution.”

Kirk Lee, IT Consultant at Thompson Law,

Let RingCentral strengthen your customer experience

Are you ready to set your business up with an advanced contact center and improve your customer experience? 

With RingCentral, you’re in good hands. RingCentral Contact Center can help your business increase customer satisfaction and agent productivity, while decreasing operational costs, with a range of innovative features and integrations. 

And did we mention that RingCentral Contact Center is bulletproof when it comes to reliability? It has an SLA for 99.999% uptime and comes with 24/7 customer support by phone, chat, and email. 

It’s never been easier to set up a virtual contact center. Get started with RingCentral today.

Originally published Feb 25, 2022, updated Jan 16, 2024

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