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4 Unique Needs of a Dynamic Workforce


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dynamic workforceSupporting a Dynamic Workforce means you now have remote workers and multiple locations all over the place with the goal of keeping everyone connected at the same time.

As many IT organizations quickly learned, supporting a Dynamic Workforce comes with all new requirements. These requirements didn’t even exist when traditional on-premise PBX systems were designed. And thus, PBX systems do not have the capacity to cater to this flexible new workforce like the cloud-based phone system, or virtual PBX, does.

Here are four unique needs of Dynamic Workforces that now require IT handling:

1) Distance and Responsiveness Needs

Dynamic Workforces need a communications network that is flexible and expansive enough to overcome geographic and time distance to seamlessly connect multiple office buildings, many home offices, and various mobile devices to each other in dizzying combinations.

2) Information Sharing and Syncing Needs

Dynamic Workforces need a communications network robust enough to enable easy sharing of all types of business information, from voice messages to business files to online presentations. At the same time, you need a simple way to ensure contacts and data sync across multiple devices so everyone stays on the same page no matter how they’re connecting.

3) Human Interaction Needs

When your employees and customers aren’t in the same place ever, you need a phone system that amplifies the subtle human cues vital for collaboration and rapport to flourish. You need online tools that let the conversation flow freely both ways—this might including calling, texting, conference calling, web meetings with screen sharing. You need this because people have to feel included, engaged and looped into the latest matters. This kind of human interaction is necessary to make meetings thrive.

4) Frequent Set Up and Updates Needs

When change is the only constant and your phone system is the lifeline for employee productivity, you don’t have time to waste— especially when it’s waiting for a local technician to show up. You need to be empowered to add and remove employees, devices and phone lines at a moment’s notice. This also needs to be done from any location where ever you are.

Companies embrace the Dynamic Workforce paradigm because it offers adjustability and agility ideal in a business world that moves at lightning speed. Companies can have people in many locations, working in many time zones, but still keep operational costs realistic.

This mash-up of the workforce environments is permanent. Having both corporate and regional offices is an established reality in a global business world; ditto for your employee mix. It’s a reality to have significant portions of employees who always commute to the office, work out of their home, or are on the road. Change is the only constant. This is today’s Dynamic Workforce, is your business ready and equipped to handle the changes?

Originally published Dec 09, 2014, updated Aug 12, 2020

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