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5 Best Master's Degrees for a Career in Telecommunications [Friday Five]


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masters degree Earning a Master’s degree puts you ahead of the competition and lets you hone in on one field of study. This looks very good for jobs, especially those in the telecommunications field. Telecommunications is a huge industry. In fact, Forbes recently rated it as the 5th most profitable industry, according to big data. With so much competition for this ever-expanding field, a Master’s degree can increase your chances of landing a job and set you up for promotions within the field as well. Here are the best Master’s degrees to get for a career in telecommunications.

1) Telecommunications

As if it wasn’t obvious, you can get a Master’s degree in Telecommunications to increase your chances of landing a job in the industry. There are two schools best known for offering this kind of Master’s degree—University of Maryland, College Park and University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. These programs are fairly flexible, allowing for part time study for those professionals that are already employed and want to get ahead by furthering their education. You can choose from specializations such as policy management, wireless systems, and security amongst others. It’s a great idea for anyone who wants to show that they are dedicated to pursing a career in the field.

2) Computer, Information and Network Security

Computer and information technology degrees are never a bad idea to pursue. These are versatile Master’s degrees that you can market easily to future employers. Network security is also a huge field that is only going to expand in the next decade. In fact, the Wall Street Journal blog predicts that the demand for cyber security professionals is growing at 12 times the overall job market. This makes network and cyber security one of the most highly-sought after positions by employers. It is always a good idea to get a Master’s degree in a field that has such high demand.

3) Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is huge and will only continue to grow as more and more SMBs move their telecommunications to the cloud. In fact, there are more cloud jobs than employees to fill them right now. For more versatility out of your Master’s degree, consider getting an MS in Software Engineering with an emphasis in cloud computing. Tech professionals with extensive software engineering experience are in highest demand in the telecommunications industry.

4) Sales Engineering

Sales engineering is a unique hybrid field for people who have the social skills of a salesman with the technical expertise of an engineer. Sales engineers in the telecommunications industry face new and exciting challenges at every turn. With the constant growth of telecommunications, sales engineers must constantly read up on new technologies, online trends and social selling techniques. This field is so new that you might need to go overseas or online to receive a Master’s degree in it. You can get a MSC (Master’s in Science) in Sales Transformation from Middlesex University in England or get your degree in Applied Engineering with a focus on sales online from Georgia Southern University.

5) Wireless and Network Engineering

Network engineering is an excellent choice for those who wish to go into the support side of telecommunications. Network and wireless engineers earn an average salary of $60,000 right out of college with some making as much as $95,000 a year! Most of the time, network and wireless engineers can work from anywhere. Becoming a part of the remote workforce definitely has its perks and is preferable for many people. If you like helping people troubleshoot technical problems, or helping companies improve network and wireless efficiency, this career and Master’s degree might be right for you.

Originally published Dec 12, 2014, updated Aug 12, 2020

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