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Where does work find you

Where does work find you


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Well, we made it through another fabulous Enterprise Connect, which was not an easy task, given the circumstances of this year. Planning for an event of this magnitude is challenging enough, but having to recalibrate for a virtual conference, instead of an in-person one, is a Herculean effort that no one could have anticipated. I’m proud of my marketing team for making it look easy.

It was truly an example of what we refer to as The Future of Work.

Many companies are talking about how to “go back to work” but at RingCentral, we don’t focus much on looking back. Instead, we choose to move forward by focusing on a people-centered paradigm. Our president Anand Eswaran, Chief Product Officer Will Moxley, and Vice President of Product Ritu Mukherjee outlined the RingCentral vision during their keynote presentation. For those unable to join, I’d like to share some of the highlights.

People-centered approach

Now, more than ever, companies need to adopt a people-centered approach to work. In the “new normal,” we become our workspace. That is, we no longer “go to work.” Instead, work goes wherever we go. People need the flexibility to work on their schedules, from any place, on any device, with easy, reliable, and secure access to the necessary tools. We call this level of flexibility “work-life harmony.”

We are urging clients to make engagement and empathy their top priorities because we recognize that when companies deliver better employee experiences, their employees deliver better customer experiences – and that creates a virtuous circle where everyone wins.

Unified experience

During his presentation, Anand noted that “things are looking very different for communicating and collaborating, and we are very excited to be at the forefront of that change.” At RingCentral, we have one mission: to simplify business communications on any mode on any device. We do this by delivering a unified cloud communications platform that integrates Message Video Phone — MVP, as we like to call it – while seamlessly integrating contact center, digital channels, and outbound voice communications to empower companies to serve customers on their terms.


Trust is the primary principle by which we operate. As the backbone of commerce, communication must be trusted to be reliable, scalable, and secure. When working remotely, there is zero-tolerance for disrupted or intercepted communications. We understand that, which is why we apply an enterprise-grade multi-layered approach to security. Our carrier-grade approach has allowed us to operate at a 99.999% SLA for multiple quarters. To us, these are the table stakes.


Business has no borders and neither do customer expectations. We’ve worked for years to create a global operation that supports enterprise-class communications.  We support customers by innovating from:

31 private data centers around the world

Seven research and development centers

Five customer support locations

12 RingCentral offices around the world

And a global workforce of nearly 6,000 people dedicated to our customers

Open platform

Modernizing business communications means empowering people to work by using preferred tools instead of toggling between applications.  We’ve built a network of more than 35,000 developers and have certified more than 4,000 integrations, such as Slack, SalesForce and Microsoft Teams, to enable this.

Co-Creating the future of work

The work our customers are doing is fascinating and inspiring. During Enterprise Connect, RingCentral CIO Trevor Schulze hosted a fireside chat with David Baker, CIO of Pacific Dental, and Steve Xenos, CIO of PM Pediatrics. The trio discussed the adaptations that healthcare organizations are facing and that other companies will need to adapt to succeed. CIOs who implement a technical foundation that enables people to become their own workspace will become keystones of success.

We’re energized by the conversations and engagements at Enterprise Connect. Already, we’re planning for next year’s event, with hopes to see everyone face-to-face by then.

Stay healthy and happy.

Originally published Aug 07, 2020, updated Jan 30, 2023

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