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Structural Group Mobilizes 1,800 Employees Across 22 Locations with RingCentral


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When Structural Group decided it needed a new-generation flexible, mobile-first solution to enhance customer engagement and productivity for its mobile workforce, it turned to RingCentral. A recognized leader in the specialty construction industry, Structural Group has more than 1,800 employees across 22 locations in North America. With such a distributed workforce, Structural Group understood the value of cloud communications and was in the market for a flexible, collaborative solution.

With a small internal team, Structural Group needed a solution that was both user-friendly and easy to administer and manage. The RingCentral Professional Services team assisted with project management, porting, and several other back-end efforts, enabling the IT department at Structural Group to deploy the solution across 22 locations in just 90 days.  

Like many enterprise customers, we work with that have dispersed workforces, Structural Group prioritizes mobility and collaboration as core components to business success. With RingCentral, Structural Group is already reporting quick and easy communication and collaboration among the civil engineers who work off-site and the professionals who work out of their offices.

Additionally, with access to the RingCentral Connect Platform, Structural Group hopes to further increase collaboration in the coming months as it integrates RingCentral into the other cloud productivity applications they utilize on a daily basis.

We’re excited to work with Structural Group and provide its workforce with a solution that is improving employee flexibility and efficiency.

Originally published Feb 08, 2017, updated Sep 17, 2021

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