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The New RingCentral Support Center: Softphone Overview


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RingCentral’s softphone is a powerful – and free – tool for managing your business communications from a Windows or Mac computer. Earlier this year we refreshed both the Windows and Mac editions of the softphone, addressing many bugs and adding 64-bit support for both operating systems.

The softphone is particularly useful if you’ve installed Microsoft Office, as it can sync with Office to make calling and faxing your business contacts a snap. And it is a  requisite if you want to use RingCentral’s brand-new integration. (The RingCentral Salesforce app runs on top of the softphone. Currently, the former is only available on Windows computers.) The softphone

If you’re interesting in using the softphone on your computer, visit the RingCentral Support Center‘s softphone section for how-tos and support videos about downloading it and optimizing how it works. Video topics include:

(That last feature is especially cool: text-to-speech replies let you seamlessly respond to incoming calls using your keyboard, and are a softphone exclusive.)

There’s a lot more on the softphone in the Support Center, including knowledge base articles on minimum hardware requirements and installation tips. Don’t forget that the Support Center also features web case creation, so you can open a help ticket with a few clicks, should you need assistance from a RingCentral support specialist.

Whatever RingCentral plan you’re on – Office, Professional or Fax – the softphone is available as a free download, so check it out today! You can download it from your RingCentral account – just navigate to the Tools tab.


Originally published Jul 03, 2013, updated Dec 17, 2020

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