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RingCentral a Valuable "Supplement" to Organic By Nature's Business Toolkit

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Organic By Nature, Inc. produces organic dietary supplements that promote health and well-being. The company, Tom told us in a recent conversation, was founded with the goal of offering simple, pure nutritional products.

“Our founder, Dave Sandoval, had worked for a conventional supplement company and saw how unscrupulously it was run,” Tom said. “He left and started his own company in response.” OBN

For a business that has simplicity as one of its guiding values, however, Organic By Nature had a devilishly complex phone system. Tom, who is charged with Organic By Nature’s IT and operations decisions, described to us the challenges that the company’s old private branch exchange (PBX) introduced.

“We were changing offices, and it would have been difficult to take our PBX with us,” he noted. “Plus, we would have needed two T1 lines to support a PBX at our new location. The cost of those lines – in addition to the expense of wiring our new building for voice service – really started adding up.”

The hassle and expense of a legacy phone system was enough to send Organic By Nature searching for alternatives. It discovered that RingCentral hosted VoIP service offered more features than a PBX at a much lower cost, with no up-front capital expenditures needed.

Cost savings were the main reason Organic By Nature settled on RingCentral Office. (The company cut its monthly phone bill in half by making the switch.) But RingCentral’s management options have proved valuable, as well, Tom indicated.

OBN_1 “There are real time savings with RingCentral, compared to our old phone system. It used to take 20 or 30 minutes just to move someone’s desk phone. Now, anyone who moves just takes his or her phone along. You plug it in and it works,” he said.

RingCentral has been a perfect supplement (pun intended, sorry) to Organic By Nature’s operations. It’s spending less on phone service with far fewer headaches, which means it can focus on its primary business: making and selling nutrient-packed powders and capsules.

“For us,” Tom said, “cloud phone service was the way to go.”

Originally published Jul 08, 2013, updated Aug 20, 2021

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