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Tarrytown Expocare Pharmacy Makes its customer experience even better with AI Sales Intelligence


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  • Gaining insights: RingSense for Sales AI, the Customer Success leaders can now analyze 100% of the department’s calls (from just 1% when the team manually reviewed them).
  • Improving performance: AI Sales Intelligence’s coaching and feedback capabilities help agents identify best practices and weaknesses and adjust quickly to improve performance.
  • Saving time: Automating the call-review and analysis function helps save team leaders hours each week, time they can spend on more strategic initiatives.

An award-winning specialized pharmacy

Every day, thousands of group homes and other care facilities serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) depend on the experts at Tarrytown Expocare Pharmacy. The company is the largest long-term care pharmacy in the US specializing in the IDD patient population.

In fact, Tarrytown Expocare has earned such a strong reputation as a trusted partner to the IDD community that its city’s major newspaper, the Austin American-Statesman, has named the company to its “Best of the Best” list of specialized-care healthcare organizations.

Leveraging AI to improve an already outstanding Customer Success operation

With 1,500 calls coming into its Customer Success Department every day—mostly from health providers inquiring about important medications for their patients—Tarrytown Expocare has always needed a world-class phone system. That’s why, several years ago, the company rolled out the cloud communications platform RingEX, unifying calls, messaging, and video in a single app accessible anywhere on any device.

But as efficiently as the award-winning company’s Customer Success operation was running, its leadership team knew the sheer volume of daily calls—far too many to manually monitor or review—meant they were missing out on valuable business intelligence.

As Director of Customer Experience, Matt Pernesky explains, “At most, my team leaders and I were able to manually listen to and analyze a combined 20 calls a day out of 1,500. No matter how much time we set aside to review our agents’ calls, we knew we couldn’t be confident that we were catching key trends and other important insights in those calls that would help us continually improve our agents’ performance and our customers’ experience.”

So, Matt’s team researched and vetted the market’s leading conversation intelligence platforms and chose AI Sales Intelligence.

A shockingly easy implementation

As Matt explains, he and his team were impressed with RingSense AI’s functionality, particularly the AI-powered sentiment analysis, call summaries, and what they found to be the solution’s consistently useful post-call feedback for agents.

But what ultimately led them to AI Sales Intelligence, Matt says, was the AI platform’s ease of implementation—a stark contrast to his previous experience implementing such a solution.

“The first conversation intelligence tool I tried to roll out was so complicated and required so much technical work that it felt like we needed an engineering degree just to set the thing up. So, you can imagine how relieved I was when we signed up for AI Sales Intelligence, and the implementation took us literally five minutes.” 

Boost win rates and gain customer insights with AI

Delivering valuable new insights, as promised

AI Sales Intelligence quickly began meeting and even exceeding Tarrytown Expocare’s goals of gaining visibility into its large volume of Customer Success data and helping the leadership team use the new insights to significantly improve the customer experience.

As one example, Matt points to the company’s newfound ability to more quickly than ever identify and correct issues with its time-sensitive delivery operation.

“One of our key services is medication delivery, because we partner with care facilities all over the US. Because I can set up a tracker in AI Sales Intelligence to flag calls about delivery issues and immediately alert my team about them, we can catch a pattern of late deliveries anywhere in the country very quickly. And considering how important timely delivery of medication is to our providers, that new visibility is invaluable.”

AI Sales Intelligence is also helping to create the best agent coaching and training process the company has ever had. As Matt explains, agents can now receive real-time coaching from the platform and regular feedback—both customized according to their own calls as well as based on best practices the AI tool learns from the entire department.

“Prior to deploying AI Sales Intelligence, we just did manual coaching,” Matt says. “My team leaders and I would review calls, talk with our agents about them, and offer feedback. But, of course. we were only basing those coaching sessions on a tiny number of each agent’s calls. Now that we have RingSense AI, our agents can get extremely detailed and relevant feedback on any call, down to the sentiment they were expressing and how the customer was responding. That’s definitely helping us improve our overall customer experience.”

Saving significant time

Because RingSense AI now performs the call monitoring, summary, and analysis functions for the company’s Customer Success operation—with consistently accurate and valuable results—Matt notes that he has been able to reclaim enormous amounts of time and redirect that time to more forward-looking projects than listening in on phone calls. 

“Since we’ve implemented AI Sales Intelligence and set it to analyze basically every one of our department’s calls, I’ve reclaimed about 20 hours of my time every week. That’s 20 hours I can now devote to more important things to help Tarrytown Expocare and the customers and patients we serve.”

Originally published Jun 11, 2024


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