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Global BPO outpaces competitors with RingCX


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One of the most trusted BPOs in the world

In the highly competitive field of business process outsourcing (BPO), where thousands of companies compete to deliver third-party call-center services, Avantive Solutions stands out as one of the most trusted partners in the world.

Successfully operating for more than 35 years, Avantive Solutions has become the go-to BPO for many of the world’s most recognized brands in healthcare, communications, media, energy, retail, and finance. With a global team of 2,000 employees, the award-winning Avantive Solutions is able to provide customer experience and customer acquisition services to its clients worldwide, 24/7, in many languages.

A longtime RingCentral customer

Avantive Solutions’ clients include Fortune 500 companies, industry-dominating brands, and household-name brands that are themselves committed to delivering outstanding experiences to their customers.

That’s why, in addition to the company’s rigorous screening and training processes for its support and sales agents, Avantive Solutions depends on best-in-class contact center solutions to power its customer experiences around the world.

And that’s why the company chose RingCentral.

An outbound dialer to support the company’s rapid growth

As CEO Frank Pettinato explains, “When we started with RingCentral, we had a lot of legacy processes and ad-hoc functionality built into our environment, because we had the old system for so long and had to create so many unique use cases for specific clients. But RingCentral’s team worked hard helping us clean up those processes and streamline our workflows.”

In fact, Frank adds, “The RingCentral outbound dialer is one of the best products of its kind on the market, and it has definitely helped us outperform most of our competitors in terms of generating leads and sales for our clients.”

Strong partnership between RingCentral and Avantive

The team behind Avantive Solutions have become such experts in CX outsourcing that they’ve helped to shape the evolution of RingCentral’s outbound dialer solution from Engage Voice to the new RingCX.

Over the years, the company’s insightful feedback and feature suggestions have helped RingCentral uncover significant market needs and opportunities to create competitive advantages for its contact center solutions. 

And as Frank points out, he’s pleased to know how much value RingCentral places in his team’s feedback. “We’re seeing so many of our ideas and requests become actual capabilities in the new RingCX platform. That’s a great reflection of RingCentral truly listening to the voice of the customer.”

Looking forward to improving more workflows with RingCentral

Among the many capabilities Avantive Solutions’ leadership team is looking forward to implementing with the RingCX outbound contact center include integrated workforce management, quality management, and script building.

But what the team is most eager to deploy, explains COO and Chief AI Officer Amy Brennan, is the ability to leverage RingCX’s AI to enable on-the-fly skills-based outbound routing.

“We developed a sophisticated system for segmenting lists based on our agents’ areas of specialty. Right now, we can filter our outbound lists to take advantage of the skills-based routing, but we have to load the list filters manually. So, we’re looking forward to having RingCX automatically preload these filters. That will both save us a lot of time and ensure that each new outbound lead receives a call from an agent with the relevant knowledge and expertise.”

Originally published Jun 28, 2024, updated Jul 02, 2024

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