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America’s second-largest private freight broker uses RingCX to exceed its customer-service goals


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  • Improving service: Moving all support agents into the sophisticated RingCX contact center solution has helped the company exceed its customer SLAs.
  • Increasing visibility: RingCX’s real-time reporting helps the support department’s managers improve operations and more efficiently allocate agents’ time.
  • Consolidating systems: The company has been able to eliminate costly standalone tools, such as digital faxing, because the capability is built into RingEX. 

The shipping and logistics company trusted by 125,000 businesses

Whether they need standard business shipping, specialty delivery services, warehousing and fulfillment, or help solving complex logistical challenges, thousands of small and midsize businesses every day turn to the experts at Worldwide Express.

Completing more than 48 million shipments a year for its business customers across the US, Worldwide Express has earned the #2 spot on Transport Topics Magazine’s list of the nation’s Largest Private Freight Brokerages.

Standardizing telecommunications company-wide with RingEX

Worldwide Express merged with another shipping giant, GlobalTranz, in 2021, creating one of the biggest third-party logistics providers in the US. Joining forces led to significant growth for the newly merged organization. But Richard Chavous, Enterprise Cloud Engineering Manager for Worldwide Express, explains that it also created an internal IT challenge.

“GlobalTranz had been using the RingEX platform from RingCentral as their primary communications solution for years,” Richard says. “At the time of the merger, Worldwide Express was on a different telephony platform with regional tenants all over the country, and we had a legacy solution powering our contact center.”

To help unify both organizations’ large, distributed staffs in one communications environment, the IT team began investigating enterprise-caliber cloud telephony solutions. As Richard explains, a clear choice emerged quickly.

“As we looked into cloud communications solutions to unite both companies, we learned that everybody at GlobalTranz seemed very happy with RingEX for its ease of use, features, and the simplicity of administering the platform.”  

Experience our AI-powered contact center in action

Adding RingCX creates major operational improvements for customer support

Migrating Worldwide Express’s 1,400 employees onto the RingEX cloud phone system proved beneficial in streamlining communications and increasing staff accessibility. Now employees could make and receive business calls from any device and easily locate any colleague across the either company – Worldwide Express or GlobalTranz – in their shared RingEX environment. Transferring calls was now also easier than ever, because the entire organization was accessible through direct extensions in the shared phone system. 

But Cheryl Hisdahl, Worldwide Express’s Contact Center Manager, notes that her support agents needed a more purpose-built solution to manage the department’s complex customer service operation. Fortunately, Cheryl discovered that she could implement such a solution and keep her department fully integrated in the company’s broader RingCentral environment. The answer was RingCentral’s AI-powered contact center, RingCX.

Cheryl points out that RingCX is delivering valuable business intelligence by giving her real-time visibility into all of the key data points affecting her customer support team’s service levels. “Now I can see if there’s a customer on hold, quickly find an agent whose status is available, and jump into a chat to ask that agent to grab the call,” Cheryl says.

“With our previous system, the best we could do was automatically reset an agent to ‘available’ at regular intervals – say, every three minutes. But that meant agents’ phones would start ringing before they wrapped up their current calls. If we set the intervals too far apart, we had agents often sitting idle, waiting to be reset to ‘available’ so they could take a new call. It wasn’t the most efficient way to use our agents’ time.”

Cheryl notes that RingCX is also creating quantitative improvements to Worldwide Express’s customer service operation. “Our department’s standard agreement is to hit 80% of our service-level goals for phone calls – metrics such as speed to answer and minimal hold time. I’ve been pulling the reports since we rolled out RingCX, and we’re consistently exceeding those key metrics by several percentage points.”

She adds: “We’re using RingCX’s capabilities to streamline our operations and provide an excellent customer service experience, and the data I’ve been reviewing in the RingCentral analytics dashboard underscores that it’s working.”

Eliminating costly standalone apps

Richard also notes that because RingEX includes several built-in communication capabilities – including electronic faxing – he was able to cancel a costly digital fax service that included many more licenses than the company needed. 

“Now we’re saving money on our faxing processes, and because all of our fax usage is on the RingCentral platform, we’re getting all the data and insights we need into how and where it’s being used.”

Looking forward to rolling out more RingEX and RingCX capabilities

Finally, Richard notes, he and Cheryl have been so impressed with their RingCentral experience so far that they’re both eager to continue exploring the many additional capabilities the platform can offer their teams.

“RingCentral has given us everything we needed both to unify our whole organization on a single telecom platform and to help our teams across the company improve their efficiencies. We’ve seen real workflow improvements with both RingEX and RingCX, and now I’m looking forward to seeing what additional insights and business intelligence we can gain by implementing the RingSense AI solution.”

Originally published Jun 04, 2024, updated Jun 10, 2024

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