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How small businesses are thriving in the work-from-anywhere era

person on mobile phone in the work-from-anywhere era


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Here’s the deal. The future of work is mobile. If you have doubts, look around any public venue— how many smartphones do you see?

If your business is not taking advantage of mobile technology yet, you have some catching up to do.

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What is mobility and why is it important?

In the context of work, mobility is the ability to work from anywhere with a connection to the internet at any time. Thanks to advancements in technology, this is now a reality for businesses of all sizes.

That’s a good thing because workers are chomping at the bit to take their job on the road. A recent survey revealed: 

  • 55% prefer working from home rather than the office
  • 63% believe they can build relationships with coworkers without ever physically meeting them
  • 75% of workers believe that the freedom to work from anywhere is the norm for all relevant industries

state of human connections report 75% believe freedom to work from anywhere is the norm for all relevant industries.

It’s safe to say that times have changed. The growing mobile workforce is here to stay. IDC predicts that by 2024 mobile workers will account for nearly 60% of the total U.S. workforce. 

How are small businesses coping with this change? The answer lies in choosing a communications platform that supports mobile connectivity. One that truly lets you and your teammates work from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

There are numerous reasons for businesses to go mobile. For starters:

  • Mobility enables businesses to be more flexible and responsive to the needs of their customers. With access to customer information and communication channels from anywhere, your employees can quickly respond to customer inquiries, adapt to changes in demand, and provide a better customer experience.
  • Businesses that embrace mobility can reduce their carbon footprint and save money by cutting their full-time need for a physical office space. 
  • With tools that support a mobile workforce, employees can gain more flexibility and better work/life balance.
  • Mobility widens the net you can cast to reach out to talented professionals you want on your team. If your business is in New York, but the person you want to hire is in another state or country, mobility makes it possible for you to hire top talent from across the world.

How 148 service companies increased mobility by 70%

The benefits of mobility for your business are not just theoretical. Here’s a quick snapshot of three businesses reaping the benefits right now.

Veritas Logistics embraces SMS to stay connected from anywhere

  • Company type: Supply chain logistics
  • Number of employees: 10

For Veritas Logistics, high-touch and high-level communication is the lifeblood of the business. Every job the company takes on begins with communication.

That’s why RingCentral is critical to their operations. The company can sync all of its communications across devices, no matter where its delivery drivers or shipments are going. Because it’s so affordable and easy to implement, Veritas Logistics was able to get everything set up and all employees trained in just a few weeks.

Due to the highly mobile nature of the business, Veritas Logistics team members aren’t always in the office. This doesn’t impact their operations though. With RingCentral, their office phones can ring to their smartphones and employees can pull up customer information at their fingertips. Even bulk text messages can be set up to communicate with multiple drivers at once. 

The company doesn’t just use the bulk SMS feature to save time. The team also uses individual SMS messaging to communicate quickly with customers. 

“RingCentral’s SMS texting feature is fantastic. If I want to send a quick update to one of our drivers, the app lets me send that text from my business number. That’s such an easy, timesaving way to stay connected with our business partners throughout the process—because with everything moving to digital platforms, it’s much easier to communicate via text.”

—Brian Hastings, Supply Chain Leader at Veritas Logistics

RingCentral SMS text

Advantage Plumbing simplifies the calling experience

  • Company type: Plumbing, HVAC services
  • Number of employees: 30

Before partnering with RingCentral, Advantage Plumbing dealt with outdated phone systems and struggled to help its field technicians reach clients quickly and efficiently. The problem was that field technicians were using their personal mobile devices to make client calls. Clients didn’t recognize the number, and many simply didn’t answer.

The technicians would then call the office, requesting that the office call the client with the message from the technician. 

With RingCentral, field technicians can still use their mobile devices, but when clients get the call, the Advantage Plumbing office number appears. With that simple change, the company has reduced call attempts (needed for technicians to reach out to customers while in the field) by 75%.

“One great benefit of RingCentral is that our field technicians can now more reliably reach customers, because even if they’re calling from their own cell phone, it always shows up as an Advantage business number. That’s definitely helping us improve our customer experience.”

—Macy Sorrell-Devereaux, Operations Manager at Advantage Plumbing

RingCentral Dial

Finkelstein and Partners builds stronger relationships with videoconferencing

  • Company type: Legal services
  • Number of employees: 300

When the time came to retire their 30-year-old case management system, Finkelstein and Partners knew it wanted to upgrade to a cloud-based communications platform that could modernize operations. 

When the pandemic came, the need for a communications tool that fully supported hybrid and remote work accelerated. Enter RingCentral: a best-of-breed solution that could deliver phone capabilities, team messaging, videoconferencing, and more in one app.

“When you prepare for trial, there are a lot of legal documents. We started utilizing DocuSign, which has an electronic notarization feature, and now RingCentral Video allows us to get permission and see the clients sign the documents.”

—Frank Kistner,, CTO at Finkelstein and Partners

Unlimited video meetings

Did you know 98% of people said videoconferencing helps with relationship-building? Finkelstein and Partners is an excellent example of that. 

Thanks to the easy adoption of RingCentral, employees from across different locations now engage in other videoconferencing activities outside of work. All employees (whether remote, in the office, or hybrid) are invited to attend fun virtual happy hours to build stronger relationships.

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Gain newfound mobility with RingCentral

Are you ready to go mobile? If so, the first step is getting the right communications tool. Consider RingCentral when evaluating your options. 

According to RingCentral’s customer success metrics, 68% of small and mid-sized businesses that have partnered with RingCentral have seen an increase in employee mobility. With RingCentral, you can truly work from anywhere, on any device.

RingCentral offers several features and benefits that are perfect for small businesses, including:

  • A virtual phone system that allows employees to work from anywhere
  • A fax service that enables businesses to send and receive faxes online
  • An award-winning unified communications platform that offers phone, messaging, SMS, videoconferencing, and more in a single app
  • 250+ integrations in the RingCentral App Gallery and open APIs through the RingCentral developer portal to customize all your workflows
  • 99.999% uptime, which means your business stays connected during outages and disasters
  • Seven layers of security and global certifications (including SOC 2, SOC 3, HITRUST, FINRA, HIPAA, C5, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, and GDPR compliance)

If small businesses don’t remain mobile, they’ll be left in the dust. RingCentral makes it possible for small businesses to do more with less and stay ahead of the curve. 

Originally published May 04, 2022, updated Dec 30, 2022

Work together from anywhere with messaging, video conferencing, and phone calls—all in a single platform.

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