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Work from anywhere: Two small business success stories

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In today’s world, many employees want the freedom to work wherever they want. And we don’t blame them. After all, 77% of remote workers say they’re more productive when working from home, and 85% of managers believe remote work will become the new norm. 

Businesses that don’t embrace a remote or hybrid work model might see their top talent walk out the door. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to enable your employees to work from anywhere and set your business up for the future. 

Below, we highlight two small business success stories that are embracing a work-from-anywhere culture—and we’ll show you how they’re using RingCentral to make it happen.

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Morning Light is using RingCentral to work from anywhere

Morning Light is a non-profit hospice residence based in Indianapolis with 2-10 employees. The company needed to set up a remote-friendly business that would enable employees to work from anywhere. Strong communications tools were essential to stay connected, especially since the company has numerous relationships to keep track of. 

Morning Light saw RingCentral as the perfect partner for small teams with big dreams. To ensure the phone always gets picked up, Morning Light turned to RingCentral, which is fully customizable with a range of call handling options.

RingCentral Dial

Although there are usually two people in the Morning Light office, there are still days when one or even both are absent, whether it’s because they’re sick or running errands. This made it extremely important for employees to have the ability to work from anywhere.

“Our office goes wherever we go. Our board of directors represents our community, so they can’t be present at every meeting. RingCentral lets us move our office to wherever we’re convening.”

Tom Fodor, Executive Director and CEO at Morning Light

And even though being able to communicate with colleagues is important, it’s more crucial for staff to be able to communicate with everyone else. 

“We never know when we’ll get a call from a donor or healthcare partner that can make our dreams a reality. And we’re confident we won’t miss that opportunity because thanks to RingCentral, we won’t miss that call.”

Tom Fodor, Executive Director and CEO at Morning Light

Dentistry for Kids and Adults saves thousands each year

Dentistry for Kids and Adults, a dental practice with 11-50 employees, didn’t have an effective way to communicate with patients from anywhere outside the office. The practice didn’t have a video conferencing app for telehealth or an easy way to forward calls to dentists’ homes or cell lines.

As the practice grew, the business kept adding more communication channels, which became hard to manage and led to several challenges. Dentistry for Kids and Adults needed a unified and intuitive communications tool to easily connect with patients and lessen costs.

When the company upgraded its communications setup to RingCentral, it opened up new possibilities for the team. Since switching to RingCentral, Dr. Dorfman and her employees can hold, transfer, record a call, and more, all in the RingCentral app, no matter if they’re in the office or on the go.

Not only is the company finding newfound mobility, but it’s saving substantially on costs. 

“We had high phone bills, separate costs for online fax and a texting service, and we still ended up giving out our personal cell numbers to patients when we were away from the office. With RingCentral, we’re saving thousands each year.”

Dr. Gina Dorfman, Dentistry for Kids and Adults

Dentists are also able to use RingCentral Video for telehealth sessions, which, as Dr. Dorfman says, “makes the appointment a lot easier for the patient because you can connect with them face-to-face.”

Unlimited video meetings

Before implementing RingCentral, the dental practice had several costly tools in place and still ended up giving out personal cell phone numbers to patients at times. Now, the practice only has one bill to pay and can keep cell phone numbers private while working from anywhere. 

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👀   Get this free eBook to get an inside look at five small business success stories.


Mobility is possible with the right communications tool

One thing is clear: You and your employees can work from anywhere with RingCentral by your side. Ditch dated legacy systems and modernize your workplace with a cloud-based unified communications tool, like RingCentral. 

Woman smiling in video meeting with RingCentral's smartphone calling UI on the right and address bar above her
The RingCentral app: 3 ways to access your communications from literally anywhere

It’s a unique time to run a business—society is beginning to recover from pandemic-era conditions and business owners continue to face constant changes. Businesses have no choice but to adapt and put in place the best-in-breed tools to help them grow.

Join 350,000 small businesses that trust RingCentral’s award-winning solution to power their business. To see our solution for small businesses in action, check out our RingCentral for small business page.

Originally published Mar 03, 2022, updated Dec 30, 2022

Work together from anywhere with messaging, video conferencing, and phone calls—all in a single platform.

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