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For optimal customer interactions, agents require rapid access to essential customer information within their daily tools. This enables them to resolve issues promptly. However, a significant challenge arises because this information is often spread across multiple applications. The need to switch between different applications during a customer interaction can prolong resolution times, annoy customers, and contribute to agent stress or burnout.

RingCX is solving this challenge by focusing on delivering immersive agent experiences through integrations with leading CRM applications to simplify how agents handle customer interactions. Agents live in the CRM app and RingCX allows them the full functionality to handle the customer service inquiry all within a single application.  Let’s take a look.   

Omnichannel CRM Integrations 

Earlier this year, we announced omnichannel integrations with five leading CRMs, including Salesforce, Hubspot, ServiceNow, Zendesk, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. These integrations, developed and managed by RingCentral, are available at no additional cost and included in the RingCX package. Since we develop and own these integrations, we will keep innovating on them and enabling customers to leverage new capabilities from both RingCX and the CRM, at no additional cost.

Unlike integrations from other vendors that are often limited in channels that they support, RingCX supports inbound and outbound voice along with 20+ digital channels including email, messaging, social, in-app, web, and more. The RingCX interface is embedded right within the CRM interface and will match contacts in the CRM during screen pop, create or manage existing tickets or cases, and automatically log each interaction in the CRM. These capabilities have attracted significant customer interest, with over 20 customers adopting the RingCX Salesforce adapter in its first month of availability.

You can read more about our CRM integrations in the RingCentral App Gallery.

RingCentral App Gallery

RingCX Browser Extension for Chrome

RingCX’s new browser extension for Google Chrome provides a way for agents to work in a web browser (whether in a home grown CRM or other business tool) and have the ability to answer inbound calls or click-to-dial. The simplicity of the extension enhances agent productivity by eliminating switching to another application to answer the phone call which would often be  required to support customers. Agents can stay focused on customer interactions without interruption, leading to quicker response times and improved customer satisfaction.

By configuring the extension to open a designated URL upon receiving a call, agents can access relevant customer information or internal resources instantaneously. This ensures that agents are equipped with the right tools and data to resolve customer inquiries efficiently, without the hassle of navigating multiple systems or applications. Agents can devote their energy to providing personalized support and building stronger customer relationships.

Learn more about this new integration by contacting [email protected].

RingCX Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

RingCentral for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Our new RingCX Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams integration blends the RingCX contact center experience seamlessly into Microsoft Teams, allowing users to make and receive calls without leaving the application. The integration upholds RingCentral’s 99.999% uptime Service Level Agreement for Teams users, empowering them with uninterrupted access to essential tools. 

RingCX direct routing for Microsoft Teams is now available through an early adopter program. Customers can reach out to [email protected] to express interest in participating.

With our immersive agent experiences for RingCX, agents can work within the familiar  tools they use every day, with easy access to the information they need to make customers feel valued. Happier customers and agents are a win-win for any business.

Want to see if RingCX is right for you? You can now try RingCX free for 14 days.

Originally published Jun 03, 2024, updated Jun 11, 2024

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