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RingCentral’s Future: Advancing Global Enterprise Communications

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Last week we kicked off the launch of our new brand campaign at RingCentral headquarters in Belmont, CA.  It was an event filled with music, food and fun, bringing together our valued team of people that makes our company great. This brand campaign marks a new chapter for RingCentral, and it was wonderful to see the enthusiasm and camaraderie of our team as they came together to celebrate FITE, our company core values of Focused, Innovative, Trusted, and Empowering.  I’m so proud of the RingCentral team for everything we have already accomplished, and I look forward to all that is to come.


A Global Turning Point

The market demand for cloud-based business communications has reached a turning point. Now after several years of a gradual shift to the technology, we believe the battle between on-premise vs. cloud phone systems has finally been settled. Industry analysts are no longer questioning IF businesses will move their communications to the cloud, but HOW they can best accomplish that transition. This is the market scenario we envisioned when we launched RingCentral, and it certainly proves we’re on the right path.

The competitive landscape in cloud communications has been heating up recently, with both new and old players looking to position themselves as leaders in the space. It’s no surprise that many on-premise legacy vendors see inevitable disruption to the marketplace and are trying to pivot their own business models to accommodate the cloud. But one fact still holds true: RingCentral is today’s leading, pure-play cloud communications provider.

Accelerating Enterprise Transformation at Scale

Our market success is backed by hard data. Based on our Q1 results for 2016, monthly recurring software subscriptions for RingCentral Office are growing 45% annually. And our upmarket customer segment (which now boasts an average deal size of well over 100 users) has been growing by more than 100% year after year. When you compare these figures to the 25% service revenue growth reported by our nearest competitor in Q1, it’s easy to see that RingCentral is by far today’s fastest growing cloud communications provider.

With a dedicated workforce of more than 2,200 in 7 locations worldwide, we wake up every day with a passion for fulfilling our customers’ needs, implementing go-to-market strategies, and creating innovative, market-leading products.

Our Core Values

We have four core values that make us unique as a company:

  1. Hyper Focused
  1. Relentlessly Innovative
  1. Trusted Partner
  1. Empowering Customers

Five Undeniable Truths

As we look toward the future, there are several key company beliefs that will continue to shape our product strategy. We believe that:

Enterprise Communications, Advanced

As we continue to expand further into the enterprise, it also creates the right moment for us to refresh our brand. A brand speaks to a company’s purpose and core differentiation. I believe a strong brand is rooted in delivering great products, an amazing customer experience—combined with the powerful stories of how customers are realizing great value. That’s why with our new brand campaign we’re shining a huge spotlight on the growth and success of our customers.  For us, it’s always about the customer and enabling their digital workplace transformation so they can work more productively and communicate more efficiently. Our brand campaign, “Enterprise Communications, Advanced” speaks volumes about the journey of how our customers are transcending barriers, and innovating in their own unique ways to drive their own success. Here’s a sampling of our new digital ads that harnesses the story of customers while showcasing the power of the RingCentral platform.

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Putting it all together, 2016 is an exciting time for the cloud communications industry. As we accelerate our strategy to expand into the enterprise, grow our indirect channels, double down on the customer experience, and scale globally, it’s even more exciting for RingCentral. The work we do here—advancing enterprise communications—will have great impact and lead the way for global enterprises looking to replace their legacy systems and move to the cloud.

[View more pictures from our brand event here.]

Originally published Jun 14, 2016, updated May 23, 2021

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