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RingCentral Video: More control and an even better experience


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We’ve been humbled by the overwhelming response we’ve received to RingCentral Video, the new online video meeting solution we launched in April. Thousands of customers are now enjoying a super-fast and secure video meeting experience. 

In June, we launched RingCentral Rooms that extends the power of RingCentral Video to conference rooms and meeting spaces that have dedicated video conferencing equipment, such as monitors, speakers, microphones, and cameras.  But that hasn’t stopped us from building a new slate of capabilities that continue to enhance the experience of our customers. 

With our latest release, we’re continuing to improve the mobile experience for our users, as well as make it easier for hosts to manage their meetings. Here’s what’s new with RingCentral Video:

Continuous adaptive security enhancements

Security continues to be an important priority for you, and we’ve added some new features to address that:

  • To avoid hosts accidentally clicking out of a meeting, RingCentral Video now features a pop-up confirmation when a host attempts to leave. Hosts need to click on the notification to exit to assign a moderator that can continue to manage the experience. 

When hosts leave a meeting, RingCentral Video now encourages them to assign a new moderator

  • Admins and hosts can now restrict meetings to be joined by internal employees only or from any RingCentral Office account. This can take stress off the host when discussing or sharing internal or sensitive information with only those intended.
  • Host and moderators can disable the ability for participants to use chat and/or video during the meeting to prevent distracting or inappropriate content.
  •  IT admins and users can set default RingCentral Video settings, such as allowing participants to join before the host and controlling meeting passwords, among others. These settings can be applied across the entire company or for specific users.

Joining meetings from wherever you are  

  • Switch from a phone call to a video meeting with screen share with click of a button.
  • Make a video call directly from your call log.
  • The auto-dial a meeting password feature enables participants to join meetings quickly without the need to input complex alphanumeric passwords.
  • Copy a meeting password directly from the meeting to invite new participants to join.

RingCentral Video now lets you copy a meeting password from the screen to easily invite new guests

More control of your mobile device 

We’ve expanded the space used for video meetings, added new layouts, and simplified your meeting controls on mobile devices. Now you can:

  • Easily find your recent meetings and recordings under the “More” menu.
  • Hide your meeting controls. Select how long you want your meeting controls to remain visible before they’re automatically hidden.
  • Easily flip your camera between front- and back-facing during video meetings.
  • Discover or easily hide controls when they are not needed with a redesigned meeting toolbar.

Better audio quality

Audio quality is the single most important ingredient in a successful online meeting. RingCentral was founded more than 20 years ago on the strength of our cloud audio capabilities. Here’s what we’ve done to further improve the sound of your meetings:

  • RingCentral Video now automatically optimizes voice quality based on the strength of your network connection.
  • A new icon in your meeting now allows all participants to see the quality of their audio input and make adjustments to their network bandwidth to optimize it. Also, mousing over the Network Quality Indicator provides ideal ranges for delay, packet loss, and jitter, which can help you identify the potential areas to fix for a better experience.

Our new features complement all the current, industry-leading capabilities of RingCentral Video. Because it’s browser-based, joining a RingCentral Video meeting is lightning-fast, requiring no downloads, no dialing, and no PINs (if you’re already logged in or have the link). RingCentral Video is available as a free download.

RingCentral’s unified platform allows all data to stay secure across all modes of communication and in a single centralized place to manage all modes of communication with relevant data and context.

Originally published Sep 02, 2020, updated Dec 30, 2022

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