Good news for RingCentral softphone users who’ve installed Microsoft Outlook 2013: the two are now compatible!

sf If you’ve purchased a Windows 8 computer in the past several months, you may have gotten an Office 2013 license to go with it. Now that we have updated the Windows version of our softphone, you can access the softphone’s full functionality on your Windows 8 PC.

The updated softphone addressed a bug that prevented the RingCentral Microsoft Office plugin from working properly. Now that the bug has been resolved, Office 2013 users can:

  • send faxes from within Office apps;
  • import contacts stored in Microsoft Outlook to the softphone;
  • and sync Outlook contacts with their RingCentral accounts via the web.

For more on these features, visit this knowledge base article. laptop_screen

Another reason to make sure you’re using the latest version of the softphone: a previous release improved audio quality by reducing echo. For the best echo cancellation, we recommend using a headset with the softphone – models that have tested well include the Plantronics 310 and 340, Cyber Acoustic AC 850, and A4 Tech HS 5P.

(If you can afford to spend a bit more, the Plantronics Savi W720 is a good choice. It’s what we use at RingCentral HQ, in fact.)

Want even more softphone tips and tricks? Check out this Quick Reference Guide (PDF)!